Introducing the Supply 22

Introducing the Supply 22

Supply was founded on the idea that our single edge injector razor was so superior to any multi-blade razor that it wasn’t even a contest.

Turns out we were wrong.

So very wrong.

After garnering thousands of two-star and one-star reviews, making 4 TOTALLY unsuccessful and incapable versions of the single edge and failing to get a deal on Shark Tank, we decided to do a complete 180.

We’ve fully embraced the spirit of “If you can’t beat em’, join ‘em” by releasing our newest razor:

The Supply 22

It took us hours to come up with this design. After burning all the specs of our single edge razors and deleting all the files to completely scrub our offices, our computers and our minds of the abject failure of the single edge, we started over.

We opened a new project in our CAD software and got to work.

We went with the widely accepted and scientifically backed data that more blades are better. But we didn’t just want to add one more blade to your conventional, run-of-the-mill five blade razor. Absolutely not.

As it turns out, it’s easy to design a razor when you completely disregard what it will do someone’s skin.

That’s why we took it all the way up to 22.

We all know that multi-blade razors cut hair below the surface of the skin to give you that baby-butt-smooth shave every time. The more blades you add, the deeper they cut. If five blades leave little behind but the hair follicle, we wanted the Supply 22 to leave nothing behind.

We designed it to be the last razor you’ll ever use. There’s no need to shave when there’s no skin left.

The Supply 22 works like any other multi-blade razor, just 22 times more powerful, for a shave that’s 22 times closer, making it 22 times more likely you’ll go to the hospital after you use it.

We placed each blade so close together that your skin will have no chance to recover as all 22 pass over your face, tugging and cutting, tugging and cutting, giving you the only subdermal shave on the market.

The Blades

What choice material did we use to make all 22 blades?

We went with the cheapest option we could find to offer you the least expensive shave ever. We talked to the guy who runs a scrap yard in Fort Worth and he gave us an unbelievable deal on lead-infused steel. Not only is the price lower than anything you’ll find, it’s completely unsustainable. So, these blades will be populating landfills long after your only shave with the Supply 22.


We used stainless steel for years, but when we were making the 22, we asked ourselves, “Why go quality when you can have quantity?” And that’s exactly what we did.

The Handle

We made it from 100% Composite Plastic, so you can keep it forever. You should keep it forever because it will never break down. This handle will outlast the blades.

We honestly didn’t put a lot of thought into this one. It’s just a straight plastic handle that clips into the 22’s cartridge. There was no need to place it at the perfect angle and design it to fit perfectly in your hand like we did with the Supply SE and Pro.

You don’t need to find the perfect angle when you’ve got 22 blades running over your face. One of them is bound to get the job done. That’s what we think anyway.

Make the Switch With Us

We could go on about all the benefits of this revolutionary new razor, but just look at the picture. You’re not going to find anything like this anywhere else, and why would you want to.

But if you buy today, we’ll send you the Supply 22 and a complimentary First Aid Kit for post shave clean up. We also recommend pre-dialing 911 before you lather up.

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