Shark Tank Razor - The Single Edge by Supply
Shark Tank Razor - The Single Edge by Supply


And now you get one too! We pitched our premium single-blade razor on ABC's Shark Tank and made it out alive! Celebrate with us by taking advantage of our SHARK TANK promotions below.

And now you get one too! Help us celebrate our Shark Tank appearance by taking advantage of our SHARK TANK promotions below!

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Watch the Sharks battle it out to make a $300K investment in Supply 👇

Hi, we're Supply 👋

We're a small team from Texas that makes premium grooming gear for those that demand the best.

Our flagship product is The Single Edge razor. It's a solid metal razor that uses a single, easily replaceable (and inexpensive) blade. It gives an extremely smooth shave while reducing shaving irritation, razor bumps, and landfill waste. It's also guaranteed for life.

And we swam with the Sharks!

We pitched our company on ABC's hit show, Shark Tank, and walked out with a deal from our favorite Shark, Robert Herjavec!

To celebrate our Shark Tank appearance, we're offering FREE US SHIPPING, FREE BLADES, and a FREE GIFT worth up to $29 on all orders of The Single Edge Starter Set. Read on for the details!

(Not quite ready to commit? That's cool, we get it. Find out how our razor stacks up to the competition here.)

Step 1: Pick your color

Five finishes to choose from. Each is made from weightly solid metal, and is designed to give you the closest, most comfortable shave ever. Includes FREE US shipping, a FREE three month supply of blades, and our three signature shave settings!

Step 2: Make it a Starter Set!

Add our signature shave accessories to make it a complete set. All Starter Sets ship in a stunning display box, perfect for gifting. For a limited time, they also ship with a FREE gift!

Step 3: Choose your accessories

BONUS: You'll receive either the Marble Shave Bowl OR the Single Edge Razor Stand for FREE at checkout if you ordered the complete Starter Set above.

Find out what they didn't air

Hear about the behind the scenes of what it took to get on Shark Tank!