Marble Storage Tray

Solid White Marble

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Handcrafted from solid white marble, our marble storage tray is an elegant addition to any bathroom. Store your razor, soap, and more.

Marble Storage Tray
$16 $0


• Dimensions: 6.5" x 4.5"
• Honed from solid marble
• Guaranteed for 100 Years

Customer Reviews

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Beautiful Marble Tray

The marble tray is beautiful and functional. I have the shaving bowl and will order the tumbler when ir is back in stock. High quality - just like everything from Supply!

Quality, solid tray; so inexpensive.

Really obsessed with the entire Supply marble set, which I have bought in piecemeal because I just can't get enough. This simple tray is even cheaper + higher quality than what CB2, T.J. Maxx, and WestElm are selling.

So Cool!

I received my marble tray today and I was surprised at the size! It is much bigger than I was expecting. I now have my marble Bowl sitting on my marble tray and they make a beautiful combination! I don't know who thought of the white marble idea, but these are items that will last many lifetimes! Thanks Supply for never disappointing!


Marble Storage Tray

Marble Storage Tray

I bought this item to serve as a soap dish for the oversized bars of soap I use. The item is larger than standard, well made and has four small rubber legs so the marble does not bang on the counter. Good quality and artfully done. Perfect addition to the bathroom. Highly reccomended!

Great tray

Great marble tray, good size, very well worth the purchase price.

Got the set!

So I couldn’t get the marble set together so I bought them separately and finally got the last one. Jennifer was really great about getting back to me on availability and finally I have all of them. Bathroom looks great guys thanks

Best I have had in a long time!!

It first I was a bit sceptical about what I had purchased. I have been using multiple bladed razors for years and thought this wouldn't be any different. I purchased the entire set. The razor, the soap, even the marble bowl. When I started using it for the first time, it took some getting used to. I did end up cutting myself a few times and there was some irritation. The first blade wasn't very good and I was about to send it back but then decided to changed it out and try shaving again. It was amazing. It was as if the razor was gliding on my skin. It was very smooth and there was less irritation. I am very happy with this product and I love the look and feel of the razor. I'm never using any other razors again. A little advice, when you first open the box and use the razor, the first blade might not be that good. It will do the job just expect irritation.

SOLID tray

Seriously, this thing is a solid beast. It's a little bigger than I was expecting, but I didn't mind in the end. It's a beautiful piece and looks very classy on my bathroom sink with the rest of the Supply marble accessories set. There are little cushion pads on the bottom of the tray, so it's nice that it won't get scratched up sliding around on the counter and won't scratch the counter itself. Definitely worth the purchase.

Classic looking

My wife likes the dish and that’s all that matters, happy wife happy life, she says it is fabulous!