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Our Shave Essentials include the Ultra Lather Shaving Cream and Healing Post Shave. Upgrade your morning ritual to the best shave of your life, from lather to post shave. Look good, feel good.

Coastal (Bergamot, Cedar & Oakmoss)
Kaolin Clay


Kaolin Clay

Non-drying and suitable for all skin types, white kaolin clay protects by providing a smooth glide over the skin. Preps and softens for a close, comfortable shave.


Shea Butter

Highly concentrated moisturizing without the greasy residue. Anti-inflammatory and healing properties counter the irritation sometimes caused by shaving.


Jojoba Oil

Vitamin-rich jojoba oil has anti-inflammatory properties which reduce redness and keep skin both calm and comfortable. 
Only The Best

Only The Best

Never Settle

Only the Best. Our products contain only the finest all-natural ingredients, with an emphasis on those that are organic, sustainable, and food-grade. Each ingredient is included for a therapeutic reason - we do not use fillers or unnecessary chemicals. Every batch is made by hand in the USA using custom formulas and premium fragrances.
Witch Hazel


Witch Hazel

The ability of witch hazel to tighten skin and reduce inflammation makes this an ideal natural remedy for the sometimes irritating side-effects of shaving.


Aloe Vera

Moisturizes the skin without leaving a greasy residue. Perfect for anyone with an oily skin complexion and has healing properties that can treat small cuts caused by shaving.


Vegetable Glycerin

Derived from plant oils, glycerin is a natural humectant, which means it actually helps to draw our post shave's moisturizing
and healing ingredients into your skin.

Customer Reviews

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So far so good.

I decided to pull trigger on the shaving accessories since I recently received the single edge 2.0 razor. This is my first time using a non-traditional shaving cream (Barbasol, Gillette foam) and a shaving brush. The shaving brush is a game changer! Not only does it look good, it works great. I was hoping that the shaving cream would lather a bit more than it does, but this could be user error. Although I’ve yet to apply the post shave ointment yet, it smells great.

A mixed experience for me

These products are all well made and well presented (and I am already a big fan of the razor). I particularly like the post shave tonic, which works a treat. For me the jury is still out a little on the shaving cream. In theory I like the idea of a paste/soap but in practice it doesn’t seem to lather as well as other products I have used (and I have used quite a number of the best shave soaps and some shave creams over the years). I like the look and feel of the brush, which is clearly an excellent product, but it doesn’t seem to work that well for me. I know that the experience of others has been very different and I’ve watched the Supply videos which show it working well, but after 2.5 years of using a cheap basic brush, this one unfortunately doesn’t lather as well for me.

Awesome scents and good brush

Got the shaving cream and post shave for my husband. I love how they smell. Use the shaving brush myself since I find it cheaper to use a safety razor

Mixed emotions

On the shave accessories set .. The brush is awesome! But I can’t say the same about the post shave they are a little too subtle for my liking. I prefer a strong cent.. the lather soap is ok

Hey AL! Thanks so much for your feedback. We designed the scents in our shaving gear to last only a short time. But I completely understand some folks want it a bit stronger. Maybe we should come out with a solid cologne... -Patrick

Great Shave and Quality products

I have thoroughly enjoyed my new shave system and accessories. Wife loves the scent and enjoys watching the process.
Christmas presents for sons coming soon.

Brush, Shaving Cream, Post Shave Healer - Great Products

Just received the Saving Accessories Kit. The Synthetic Brush is really good. I've always used a badger brush, but previously tried an inexpensive synthetic one that did not work well. Since everything else from Supply was great, I tried their brush. See my picture - it looks great and it works as well or better than my go-to badger brush. So, get the Supply brush. I also love the Healing Post Shave. I had previously ordered the Ultra Lather Shave Cream. Since I loved the shave it provides, I went ahead and ordered the 3-product kit. I knew I would eventually need more shave cream and ordering in the set saved me a few bucks. As you can see from my picture, I am all in for Supply products. I am confident in their people, products, and service and will not hesitate to buy any new products from them. With a razor guaranteed for 100 years and great accessories, I am a lifetime very satisfied user.

Incredible set - minus the post shave lotion.

I'll start by saying I'm a big fan of Supply - I already owned their razor, shaving bowl, and cream before this. The original cream I bought with my razor has so far has lasted 4 months of daily use and coastal has a great smell to it (not overwhelming at all). The brush works great, you can tell it's made with great quality and helps build a really thick lather. As much as I wanted to love the post-shave, unfortunately, my skin is too sensitive and it causes my skin to get really irritated and inflamed, making it unusable. However, everything else is great although for those with similar sensitive skin I wouldn't recommend the post-shave lotion.

Spend a little more time, get a great result.

I had always used a thousand-blade razer and a nineteen-in-one shave gel/moisturizer/mood elevator. I hated shaving. I grew a beard so I wouldn't have to deal with it. I kept the beard because now I look like a burly lumberjack instead of an underripe blueberry. Now I've come full circle, and I shave around my beard 2-3 times a week. With this kit, I'm actually excited to do it. If you're like me and you'd rather have one painstakingly crafted cup of coffee than three Starbucks lattes, you'll also prefer the extra 5 minutes it takes to have a wonderful shaving experience. I get to feel like a cool grandpa with my bowl, brush, and single-purpose shave cream... And I get to smell like Timothée Chalamet (probably) with the crispy modern scent of an after-shave spritz. The vibe is all sexy professor. #treatYoSelf

Fantastic Products

I can’t say enough good things about my new accessory set. The Coastal scent is fantastic. The rich lather from the shaving cream makes for a comfortable shave, and the Post Shave Tonic is the best aftershave product I’ve ever used, hands down! If you’re on the fence about Supply, don’t be! I’m now a customer for life.

My new go-to routine

I've got sensitive skin and tried a bunch of different products before this. Combined with the Supply razor, I've got no more razor burn or bumps and there's no harsh sting from the post shave spray. Great stuff.