Single Edge Razor Stand
Single Edge Razor Stand
Single Edge Razor Stand
Single Edge Razor Stand
Single Edge Razor Stand
Single Edge Razor Stand
Single Edge Razor Stand
Single Edge Razor Stand
Single Edge Razor Stand

Single Edge Razor Stand

Keep your blades high and dry

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The Single Edge Razor Stand fits your razor like a glove. Like the Statue of Liberty with her torch, it keeps the razor's head high above above the churning waters of your bathroom sink, allowing it to fully dry after you shave.
Compatible with the 2.0 and the NEW Single Edge SE.

Not only does it add a dash of flair to your bathroom – it also increases the lifespan of each razor blade.

Zinc Alloy

Length: 1.25"
Width: 1.25"
Height: 1.5"
Weight: 6 oz

Custom Made for the Single Edge SE and Compatible with the 2.0.

What is it made of?
Constructed from Zinc Alloy, each stand was custom designed to hold the Single Edge Razor upright. This allows the razor to dry properly between use, extending your blade's life.

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The single edge razor on a razor stand with a post shave and a shaving cream beside


A Home for Your Razor

A hand placing the single edge razor on a razor stand


A Robin for Batman

Streamlined and compact, the stand is custom-built to house your Single Edge razor. And by helping it dry properly after every shave, it prolongs the life of your blades.

The two together? An unbeatable grime-fighting pair.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 236 reviews
Rick Craig
Must Have Accessory

High quality stand which perfectly compliments the stainless steel razor. Highly recommended!

Hey Rick! Love to hear you are enjoying your gear. Please let us know if there is ever anything we can do for you!

Jamed Feil
Close Shave

I like getting a smooth, close shave and this razor is the best I’ve used. Reduced skin irritation from less strokes to cut the hair. Very easy to change blades with perfectly engineered cartridge system. Healing Post Shave spray and Muli-Purpose Moisturizer work well together to keep my skin smooth as well. Very happy with my purchase!

Hey Jamed! Love to hear you are enjoying your shaving experience with our Single Edge. Our grooming gear are all designed to partner well with one another and I'm so thrilled to hear your skin is loving it. Let us know if there is ever anything we can do for you!

Really almost a necessity

I have no idea where I would put my supply razor without this thing. It does a great job of displaying your razor in a great minimalist functional way.

Hey Jay! I'm thrilled to see you are enjoying that custom razor stand. It absolutely has a minimalistic functionality and does a great job displaying the Single Edge. Thanks for being part of our Supply family!

Andres Prado

This razor stand is excellent. It does not wobble, it's built to last and looks attractive. Good weight to this stand keeps it in place, you can't go wrong!

Hey Andres,
Wow! Thank you for taking the time to review the Single Edge Stand and share all about your experience so far. We never get tired of reading comments like yours and loved seeing you rate your gear as 5-stars!
Don't hesitate to reach out if there is anything I can do for you in the future. Until then, I wish you all the best!

Tom Bickta
Gr8 weighted razor stand!

Perfect match for my Gr8 razor!

Daniel R.
Extremely well-made. Basically, indestructible.

This matching razor stand to my jet black Supply razor is very durable. Its modern look is appealing to the eye and it does not take a lot of space up in the shower tray I use for my shaving supplies.

Nice Stand, but could be improved

I was pleasantly surprised when I received the Single Edge Razor Stand - it is well weighted and has a hole at the base designed to allow the drip of the water from the razor handle to go through.

Therein lies the room for improvement. Wherever I place this stand, there will be water dripping through onto the surface below the stand. It would be a great idea to add a weighted, lightly snap-on, drip tray below the stand that is easily removable for cleaning once a week. It should have a small gap between the base of the stand and the tray itself to allow for a little airflow and natural drying.

Three to four tiny metal pins and gently snap the metal drip tray into place and allowing for a small gap (a few millimeters should suffice) for airflow/evaporation -OR- have a simple "sliding" mechanism to slide the tray on/off with a little click to indicate it is locked in place. The tray width could follow the existing lines of the base. With that little drip tray, I have no worries where to place the stand and this stand would be near perfect.

The only other area for improvement would be to have the stand a little taller or a little wider. It feels like the razor handle wants to tip over and fall out of the stand with the current design.

Greg Miller
Stylish stand

Matches well with the razor - looks sleek and keeps my razor dry

Marvin Burnette
Displaying Strong

My Razor Stand is displaying my new razor proud and strong. Simple & classy!

Excellent stand and even better customer service

Sturdy, great piece of kit