Meet our Super Fresh Face Scrub

Most men don’t think about an exfoliant when it comes to taking care of their skin. But a face scrub is the starting point and secret weapon of any effective skincare routine.

That’s why we created our Super Fresh Face Scrub. It was the missing piece in our skincare line and your morning routine.

Plus, it feels really amazing.

Made with Skin-First Formula™

Skin-First Formulas™ are exactly what they sound like. They put your skin first.

That means it’s not packed with the 100+ harsh ingredients commonly found in other skincare products. It’s proudly missing toxic ingredients like parabens, silicones, phthalates, mineral oil, or anything else that doesn’t belong on your face or in your body.

Instead, we opt for plant-based ingredients like Tea Tree Extract and refreshing Mint.

Tea Tree extract has been used for years as a natural way to reduce inflammation, fight acne, and boost wound healing. It covers everything your face encounters in a day: sunlight, wind, other people, etc.

Adding mint to our formula acts as a mild toner and refresher for your skin. Combined with Tea Tree Extract, this powerhouse duo fights buildup while bringing some life back to tired looking skin.

These natural ingredients - plus the amazing, tingly feeling you'll have afterwards - are how our face scrub earned the title of “Super Fresh”.

Coconut-Derived Cleansers

Most exfoliants are filled with chemicals that strip your skin of moisture and nutrients every time you use them, leading to damaged and dried out skin.

Our coconut-derived cleansers ensure you won’t scrub away any natural moisture in your skin - just the impurities. Plus, our cleansers help the scrub foam up to capture and remove dirt and other impurities, helping your skin retain moisture.

Biodegradable Scrubbing Beads

Most scrubs use tiny pieces of crushed coconut shells in their products. This looks good on a label. It makes people feel like they’re buying a high-quality, all-natural product. 

But coconut pieces actually create thousands of micro-tears in your skin, causing scar tissue and early aging. No bueno.

If it's not crushed coconut shells, our competitors fill their formulas with tiny plastic beads that never break down. They damage your skin, get washed down the drain, and stay in water systems for years on end.

We worked with our supplier to include scrubbing beads that were not only gentle but also biodegradable. They won’t tear your skin or cause early aging. And they’ll break down naturally as you exfoliate your face. 

Scrub Up Your Morning Routine

It might seem like just another step, or just another product to buy. But this face scrub is going to amplify the effects of everything else in our line, from the face wash to the post shave.

What are you waiting for?

It's time to start your day fresh.

Shop Super Fresh Face Scrub now.