Don't Call it an Open Comb


Since we launched the Supply SE on Kickstarter back in October of 2021, and since its official launch in January, we’ve gotten questions and comments like:

“Is this a new version of an Open Comb razor?”

“This isn’t new. This is just an Open Comb safety razor.”

“Stop calling it new. You just made an Open Comb razor and it’s not even that great.”

While we love the comparison and respect the opinions of our veteran wet shavers, we have to tell you, the Supply SE is not an open comb razor. It might bear striking resemblance to open comb safety razors, but the 16 precision fins that drive our NickStopTM Technology actually have the opposite effect of the teeth and blade exposure of open comb razors.

What is an Open Comb Razor?

If you’re asking us, “What in the world is an open comb razor?” Here you go.

Open Comb razors have a row of teeth running just below the head of the razor. These teeth help guide your hair to the blade as you shave. They separate longer hairs, keeping the razor from clogging up as you shave.

Open Comb Razor

They are great for longer beards and men who want a more aggressive shave.

Open combs give a more aggressive shave because there is no safety bar to guard your skin from the blade. It allows the blade to make direct contact with your skin after the teeth have separated the hair.

This also greatly increases the chance of nicks and cuts for people who have never used a safety razor before, or people who don’t have enough practice.

However, an open comb razor is the preference of many veteran wet shavers. They love the feel of the blade on their skin and the ability to get a close shave in as little as one pass.

How is the SE NOT an Open Comb?

Again, the SE may look similar to open comb razors, but it definitely is not one. Open combs give a more aggressive shave that requires a practiced hand to safely execute.

We designed the Supply SE to give a close, comfortable, safe shave for people who have never used a safety razor before.

The SE doesn’t have teeth. It has fins. These 16 precision fins have a similar function to the teeth of an open comb. They separate, lift and guide your hair to the blade.

Supply SE Razor

The difference is our fins are placed along the safety bar of the razor. The bar serves as protection between your skin and our extra sharp blade. It also flattens your skin to create a smooth surface for the blade to glide across.

This allows you to shave around the difficult angles on your face, or anywhere else on your body, with ease, safety and the confidence that you aren’t going to nick or cut yourself.

This is why our fins are the key component in NickStopTM Technology. This is what gives the SE the power to give a shave that’s just as close, but less aggressive than an open comb razor.

The Supply SE vs. Open Comb Razors

It’s really not a comparison. We aren’t trying to position the SE against open comb razors. They’re two different razors for two different kinds of safety razor shavers.

Open comb razors are great for the enthusiasts who want a more aggressive shave.

The Supply SE is made for anyone and everyone who wants to experience the quality of a single blade shave. We made it to be used on your face, head, legs, and anywhere in between. NickStopTM technology will protect your skin no matter where you’re using your razor.

We wanted to open the door to safety razor shaving to the masses, and we believe our SE is the razor that does it.

So, cheers to open comb razor users everywhere.

But don’t call the SE an open comb. It’s something completely new and different, and we hope you get to experience the close, comfortable shave it delivers.