Insert the key on the blade pack into the key slot on the right side of the razor. Pull the slider until it locks behind the next blade in the pack. Push the slider , injecting a new blade into the razor and ejecting the old one.


Always start your shaving process by washing your face with warm water to prepare your hair and your skin. Avoid canned shaving creams that are filled with chemicals and alcohol. Using a rich shaving cream with a brush will provide the greatest shaving experience.


Supply razors are designed to make finding the optimal angle quick and easy. Just place the logo (on the head of the razor) flat against your rotate the razor down 5-10 degrees until you feel the blade on your face. No guesswork!


Any pressure! If you’ve been using a 3, 4, or 5-blade razor your whole life, pressing into your skin to get a clean shave. Let the razor do all the work!


Multi-Pass Shaving is a technique for reducing hair gradually through multiple controlled passes,
re-lathering between each pass. This allows you to achieve a close shave without damaging your skin. For a super close shave, we recommend going with the grain on your first pass, then across the grain on your second.

Your Questions Answered

  2. Find the optimal angle between 5-10°.
  3. Shave in multiple passes, re-lathering in between.
  4. Shave for the smoothest shave.
  5. Replace your dull or damaged blade for a fresh one.

If you want a closer shave, we recommend on your second pass to use horizontal strokes perpendicular to hair growth. This will provide a closer cut than while avoiding the risks of shaving.

  1. Shake out excess water after each shave before storing razor.
  2. Replace your blade it begins to tug or pull on your skin.
  3. Do not store your razor in a closed drawer, cabinet, or your shower. 
  4. For a deeper clean, take your razor apart and use dish soap to clean.