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The Single Edge SE
Dawson Miller
No irritation!!!

For years I’ve used a five blade Gillette and hated how much it irritated my skin. With the supply I have ZERO razor burn. So satisfied!

Best Razor Ever Made

Cartridge razors suck! They always have. I've tried several high quality safety razors, but not matter how careful I was, I would always cut myself. Then this beauty came along. The nick guard was the instant selling point, and it works just as advertised. I'll never use any other razor again. Customer for life.

Marble Shaving Bowl

Great shave 👌

Smooth as a baby's ass

Shave cream

Great lather and the aroma is super clean

The Single Edge SE
Tyler Messersmith
I can finally shave with a razor again!

I have not been able to use a wet razor for over 15 years and this was my try at it again. So far after 2 shaves, I’ve only had minimal razor burn on my lower neck line and 3 ingrown hairs. That’s 98% better than I was expecting. I also used the parasso brand preshave, shave cream and after shave along with cold water. I think this is the way to go from now on. Hopefully my face doesn’t decide to not like it as much is I do. I am wondering if I should have gone with the single edge pro to start with.

SE Starter Set
Great razor. Simply amazing !

I have used others in the past. This is a amazing product. Simply clean and easy to use. I use SE for face and head shave and it works absolutely perfect. No nicks no razor burn. Will not use another razor again. Keep up the great look. Just a FYI. Need a combo stand for the razor , brush and loader. Thank you for a great product!

Best Razor I've Used

Great razor. The best I've used. Close shave without irritation. I would recommend to a friend.

Best Razor Ever

I have been using the SE Razor for almost a year and will never go back to another razor. Clean and Close shave, just like going to a barber. The weight and feel of the razor are spot on and so easy to use without razor burn. I will continue to be a customer as long as Supply is around. Please do not sell to box stores like other brands, quality goes down hill when that happens.

Black Label Blades
steve staley

easy to load thank you

An great way to transition away from cartridges

Love that this exists as sort of a middle ground between cartridges and true safety razors. Allows me to take advantage of cheap blades and easy maintenance while also avoiding the risk of nicks and cuts that comes with most SRs. Highly recommend for people who are tired of expensive/dirty cartridges but don’t want to deal with the care and technique that you have to use with a normal SR, you can be somewhat careless with this and still achieve a decent shave with no cuts

Black Label Bladdes

This are very sharp and can shave effortlessly with care. I did try another brand just to experiment. Nothing near the experience of the BL blades. I am totally a black label Shaver. Don't need to try the white label the Japan blades are awesome. The razer handle is awesome. Smooth face withh one blade back to basic. I'm a supply Shaver for life. Thanks to you and your team for creating and converting many of us away from the high priced multi blade razers that left me rough faced to the new old school razer.
If it's not broke Don't change it the products are awesome as is.
Thank You

Need new blades

This was the best investment I’ve made I have one of the first models and now need more blades. I think I bought it maybe three years ago , I’m on my last bunch of blades. They last forever

The Single Edge Pro
Daniel Rignack

The Single Edge Pro

The Single Edge SE
Chris Curcura
Great Shaving Experience

I was a tad skeptical at first as I shave my head as well as my face and the SE is spectacular. No more tapping out hair from my triple blade Gillette and a smooth and comfortable shaving experience. No cuts and no nicks. Took me awhile to get here and won’t go back to triple blades. Ever

Black Label Blades
David Guidry
Great Shave

I've always had sensitive skin and been prone to razor bumps/ingrown hairs after a shave. For years, I've had to use needle nose tweezers to clean these up. Since I've started to use the Supply razors, this has nearly completely resolved.

The Single Edge SE
Russell Wootan
Amazing razor

Meets my expectations of a razor I needed and need. Easy to load a new blade with the included razor pack loader. Follow the instructions on the website on how to load and dispose of blades, and how to find the correct angle / position of the razor. Easy to clean as well.

Irritation Free... Finally!

I've been using trimmers/clippers to shave for years because it was the only way to avoid razor burn and bumps. I got a supply razor as a Christmas gift and I'm never looking back! I was skeptical, especially having never used a single blade razor before, but this is the only razor I've tried that hasn't irritated my skin and still gets a close shave. Their other products - shaving cream, post shave, and face scrub - have also been great at reducing irritation and just helping my skin feel healthier in general. Definitely a convert!

White Label Blades
Erla Sæunn Haraldsdottir
The best.

Fantastic good and smooth results.

Healing Post Shave
Franz paul vandenbogaard

Love it. Makes me feel nice. Refreshed. And it smells nice

The Single Edge SE
Agustin Alba
Single Edge SE

Never thought I would try this on a whim but so glad I did. I have suffered from razor burn and irritation for years and during my time in the service I dreaded shaving every morning. Gave this a try and boy did I wish I had one back in the day. For the first time my face isn’t destroyed and I actually enjoy the fresh shave feel unlike before where my face would be a mess for weeks. Would highly recommend.

SE Starter Set
Alan Steinberg

Great product! Well made. Good feel. Perfect to use!

Perfect Stand

Holds/releases razor smoothly, small footprint, and most importantly looks great - another excellent product!

The Single Edge SE
Douglas Bourgeois
Awesome razor

The handle needs to be redesigned. It’s a little difficult to hold.

The Single Edge Pro
john curcio
Really good razor

I have a really tough facial hair to deal with. Tried all types, killed all the electrical types and never got a great shave with “the club” type. The pro version is taking a bit of practice as I’m down to just one cut but at this point I will say it’s the best razor I’ve used.