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Marble Shaving Bowl
michael paz

Marble Shaving Bowl

El Supremo Lather!!

I love it! The thick, rich lather is just decadent and perfect. I had been using a thin gel type and now I am hooked. If you really want to enjoy a shave, don't just get the razor, get this shaving cream and spoil yourself.

The Single Edge Pro
Andrew Regal
This is the way to go!

Wow just wow. This razor is the bomb, love the weighted handle. no pressure needed for a close shave. I do recommend this shaving system over the multi-blades I have had in the past. Good bye harry's and good riddence DSC

Marble Shaving Bowl
James Hamilton

I was struggling with the shave cream and using way too much in order to get the floof that I wanted. The shave bowl allows me to use very little and still achieve a marshmallow fluff lather. It’s a game changer and I’m very happy I bought it.


Does the job

The Single Edge Pro
Samuel Siegel
SE Razor #1 Single Edge

Love this razor!!
Smooth and comfortable. Nice and heavy and will last a long time. I use the adjustable and the regular with the comb head. I have stoped using all my double edge razors for now. One suggestion is to make the adjustments numbers readable with red or white color.

Single edge pro

This completely adjustable razor glides against your face like sweet butter. So comfortable, and easy to use !

Great Stand!

This is exactly what I was expecting! The stand has some heft so it sits solidly on my bathroom counter. Looks good too!

Good shaving creme

Works and smells good. Leaves my skin moisturized but not oily.

The Single Edge SE
Alexander O'Leary

The Single Edge SE

The Pro Starter Set
Duane Neufeld

The Pro Starter Set

Face Scrub

This product is great.

The Pro Starter Set
Ameet Naikar
This product is amazing!

I was worried the results weren't going to be good. I have used a single blade before and even a straight raiser with okay results and some cuts. I keep a beard so my worry was I'd nick myself. This, the shaving cream, and post shave were all amazing!

Review of Razor and shaving cream

First time user here. At the nice young age of 60, I decided to treat myself to a new way of shaving. I had gone through all the discount shave clubs, and for one reason or another did not like them. Then I happened to see an ad for Supply brand razors. At first the thought of spending so much money on a razor had me 2nd guessing myself. I actually spent 2-3 weeks going back and forth debating if I wanted to spend the money. Read reviews on many pages and finally bit the bullet. I ordered the SE starter kit and marble bowl, and watched the videos on how to shave, how to prep, how to apply the shave cream.
The first thing I noticed was the weight of the razor.
It's now been 3 weeks and I've got to shave with it 3 times. (luckily I only need to shave weekly, so I'm hoping the blades last me MANY months). The shaving part was very smooth and easy. No nicks, surprisingly. Week 1, not quite as close as I had hoped for and way too much shaving cream left over. Week 2, a little closer, still no nicks, and better on the shaving cream, but still getting the hang of it. Week 3, closest shave yet, and seems to be the right amount of shaving cream. I can't believe how far such a small amount goes.
3 weeks and 3 shaves later, so far I'm extremely happy and glad I made the switch.
The only thing I purchased separately was a holder for the brush and razor.

Black Label Blades
Richard Smith
Exceptional Blades

Supply Black Label blades give a very comfortable shave and last through 8 shades. I have a very thick course beard.


I use this directly on my face , with dab of cream
Works up a great lather

Marble Accessories Set
Charles Evans
Marble Accessories Set

So i was browsing through the accessories and I seen the marble set. I was thinking to myself that this is cool and different so I ordered it. When I opened it I was amazed at the quality and weight of the set. I know marble is weighty but to have my own personal marble set makes my mornings and nights experience well worth it. I love it! Continue to make unique and eye catching products!

The Single Edge SE
Gaurav Udani
Head shavd

This is perfect for head shave, no more cuts and one of the smoothest head shaved i ever got.

Get this razor !

Had the SE a few weeks now and I just love it. The black blades do their job in no time at all. Sometimes I wonder if there is even a blade in the razor . Also I enjoy the add on rubber sleeve. Keep up the great work Supply!

The SE Starter Set
Justin Davis
Love it!

I love this razor! With this starter set I don't get razor bumps or irritation any more. This razor makes shaving fun again. The SE razor is the closest shave I have ever received. Thank you for making this razor.


Everything is working good. Just trying to find the right settings. So far I’m enjoying it.

The SE Starter Set
Addison Benya
Best Shave Ever

After hours of research, I finally made the switch from single-use razors. Not only is the quality of Supply razors so much better than anything I’ve used before, it’s actually cheaper in the long run. Every single part of this kit is exceptional. The shaving cream has a pleasant smell, lathers well, and most importantly: really helps make the shave smooth. Using a single blade over multi-blade razors did wonders for my skin irritation issues. The handle is balanced and heavy (in the best way), and the injector style blade mechanism and no-clog design are fantastic. I have nothing bad to say about this, definitely worth the money, and looking forward to sticking around as a Supply customer from here on.


As an airline pilot, I have to shave everyday for work. Multi-blade razors always clog and electric razors give me razor burn, especially around the neck. This razor is fantastic! Takes a little bit to get used to, but I can shave a lot faster because there's less time rinsing, and it shaves incredibly close. Very very happy with this purchase, and the customer service is phenomenal! I've already recommended to my fellow pilots!

Eye Cream

Works very well and is easy to apply.

The SE Starter Set
nicholas stivala
I'm a single blade man now

After years of being unimpressed with multi-blade razors (and chopping up my face with "safety" razors) I finally made the investment and couldn't be happier with my purchase.