Meet the Grip Sleeve

Our Grip Sleeve fits perfectly over the handles of the Supply SE or Supply Pro. Order your SE or Pro and matching Grip Sleeve here.

The Supply SE and Pro are designed to give you the smoothest shave ever. We engineered the blade angle to be intuitive and rest easily on your face. The razor has a good kind of heft to it. The weight is one of the first things people comment on when they hold it for the first time. And we made it beautiful.

Seriously, have you seen these things? They’re sleek. The handle is as smooth as the shave the Single Edge delivers.

The only problem with such a sleek design is that some finishes can feel slippery, especially when you have water and shaving cream on your hands.

Our customers have made a simple request for years - and we heard you loud and clear.

That's why we created our grip sleeves to fit perfectly over the handle of the Single Edge SE and Pro.

Get a Grip

They’re made from a flexible, durable silicone. The edges are textured to give you a firm grip on the handle no matter what’s on your hands or which part of your body you’re shaving.

And these grip sleeves aren’t one-size-fits-all. They are custom designed for the SE and Pro razor models. The silicone body clings tightly to the handle, so there will be no movement once you have the grip in place.

But the grips will still allow you to manipulate the razor in your hand with ease. You’ll still be able to get hold it at any angle and get to all the places you need to. These grips are an addition, not a burden.

Same Sleek Design

No one wants a clunky grip on a minimal, sleek razor body. We set out to design grip sleeves that improved grip all while not taking away any from the razor design. We couldn’t compromise the aesthetic of the razor.

The result? Minimal grip sleeves that match our razors and contour to follow it's unique design.

Available in Five Finishes

Our Grip Sleeves are available in multiple colorways, so you can customize your morning shave to your liking.

Also, for our beloved Single Edge 2.0 customers, the SE grip sleeve is 100% compatible with your 2.0 handle. 

Wanna grab one? 

Order your Single Edge and Grip Sleeve today: The Single Edge SE & Pro