The Easy Guide to Men's Skincare

You’re busy. We get it. You’ve got work, a family, maybe you’re in school, and you’re trying to balance a social life somewhere in there, too. Most men don’t think they have time to take care of their skin. If you’re following what the rest of the industry is telling you to do, you might be right.

So, we did our best to make it as simple as possible. Why? Because it’s important.

Taking care of your skin isn’t just about reversing the effects of sun damage and aging. It’s about caring for the largest organ on your body: your skin. It’s the first line of defense against sickness, the potentially harmful effects of the sun and all the other elements you’re exposed to every day.

We want to take a few minutes to talk about how every man can take simple steps to protect their skin. This routine will take you less than 5 minutes every morning and 5 minutes every night. But it will lead to a lifetime of healthier, stronger, younger-looking skin.

Man washing his face

Step 1: Cleanse

It all starts with cleansing your skin of impurities. This is huge because your face takes a beating every day. You are out in it one way or another. It would be nice to think the air you’re exposed to is clean and pure and not effecting your skin, lungs and every other system in your body.

But it’s not. We’re based in Fort Worth where there are highway signs telling us to stay inside because the air is full of pollutants. It’s sad, but this is the world we live in.

When you mix this with UV rays, the oils from your hands, and the oil your face produces on its own, you get what the skincare industry calls “buildup”. It’s the combination of oils, dirt, impurities and dead skin cells that sit on your face and soak into your pores if you don’t take the time to cleanse your face.

What you need is a solid face wash that will gently remove impurities without damaging your skin’s moisture barrier.

Supply Feel Good Face Wash

There are actually a ton of great men’s face wash products out there that we would be proud to recommend. None more than our own Feel Good Face Wash.

Use it when you wake up in the morning and before you go to bed at night. Using it in the morning will clear away the oils you built up overnight. Using it before bed will wash away everything your skin picked up throughout the day.

How to use it:

  1. Wet your face.
  2. Get a dime drop of face wash and gently rub it in a circular motion all over your face and neck (yes, even if you have a beard).
  3. Rinse.
It only takes about 30-seconds, but our powerful mixture of plant-based ingredients will get your face clean and ready for the next two steps.

Why it works

Its most prominent ingredient is Aloe Vera. This sets it apart from most other cleansers. The ones you’ll find at the store are water-based. At first glance this might sound alright, but water-based cleansers will lead to drier skin and early signs of aging. It has a harsh effect on your skin, washing away almost all the oil and sapping your skin of moisture instead of adding to it.

We chose Aloe, so you could cleanse and moisturize at the same time. Our face wash will wash away impurities, leaving your skin clean and refreshed without damaging the top layer of your skin or the moisture barrier

We combined Aloe Vera with Coconut-derived cleansers to give your face a clean feeling that you can feel good about. We also added Sodium Hyaluronate to give your skin a healthy lift. This ingredient plumps up your skin and fights wrinkles. The result is a clean feeling without the dry aftereffects.
Man using men's eye cream

Step 2: Eye Cream

This is where we deviate from other men’s grooming companies. They would tell you to jump straight to the moisturizer.

However, your eyes need the same amount of care as the rest of your face. The skin around your eyes is the most sensitive skin on your body and the first to show fine lines and wrinkles if not properly cared for.

We put everything your eyes need inside of our Age Defense Eye Cream. It really lives up to its name.

How to use it:

  1. Use a gentle cleanser to wash away any impurities.
  2. Take small amount and gently rub it on the skin underneath and around your eyes.
  3. Do this before you leave the house in the morning and before you go to bed at night.

This one simple step takes about 10 seconds, but can take years off your tired-looking eyes in a matter of days.

Why it works

It’s filled with caffeine-packed plant-based ingredients like Green Tea Extract that will work to reverse the signs of aging. It’s Aloe-based like our face wash to put moisture back into your skin, giving it the tools it needs to fight off crow’s feet and fine lines.

We added fruit extracts to naturally tighten the skin around your eyes, so you don’t have to live with bags and tired-looking eyesWhen you put all these ingredients together you get a powerful eye cream that reduces bags and lines while tightening loose skin.

It can’t help you get the eight hours of sleep you need. But it can make you look like you sleep like baby. Use it every morning before you walk out the door and every night before you go to bed. You’ll see the desired results in as little as seven days.

Man putting on men's moisturizer

Step 3: Moisturize

Now it’s time to moisturize. Even men who have some kind of skincare routine tend to skip this step. There’s a bad stigma around moisturizers that says they’re only for women. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

Men probably need moisturizer more than women, especially men who have never had a skincare routine beforeThis is the part of your routine that will put all the nutrients you need back into your skin, as long as you’re using the correct moisturizer. We’d like you to meet our Multi-Purpose Moisturizer.

How to use it:

  1. Wash your face to clear away impurities.
  2. Use your eye cream before your moisturizer, so it can have the maximum desired effect.
  3. Take a dime drop of moisturizer and gently rub it all over your face and neck until it’s absorbed into your skin. 

This will keep all the healthy stuff in your skin and work to keep your face hydrated and protected. 

Why it works

We crafted it to be a simple men’s moisturizer that you’ll actually look forward to using every day. Like all our skincare gear, it’s aloe-based. It’s also missing all the ingredients that would make it heavy, greasy and toxic. You won’t find any parabens, phthalates or petroleum-based products in our Multi-Purpose Moisturizer.

Instead we used plant-based ingredients like Shea Butter, Green Tea Extract and Fruit Extracts to give your skin everything it needs and nothing it doesn’tIt will make sure your skin stays hydrated and your moisture barrier stays intact, so you can keep your youthful looking skin for as long as possibleYou should moisturize every time you wash your face.

Even a cleanser as gentle as our Feel Good Face Wash takes away some of the moisture your skin needs to stay healthy. Using a moisturizer after you wash your face will ensure your skin is hydrated and ready to meet the challenges of your dayIf you want to take a look at one of our secret ingredients, read this.

Bonus Step: Face Scrub

Most of the face cleansers in the men’s skincare industry won’t reach the dirt and oil that’s trapped deep in your pores. They also won’t scrub away the dead skin cells living on your face.

That’s why we recommend using a gentle face scrub at least twice a week. You do not need to use a scrub more than three times a week. No matter how gentle it may be, it will still damage the first layer of your skin, leading to early signs of aging. It may even make you more susceptible to colds. We designed our Super Fresh Face Scrub to be effective and gentle.

How to Use it

  1. Wet your face. 
  2. Get a dime drop on your fingers. 
  3. Gently rub it into your skin in a circular motion until you've scrubbed your entire face and neck. 
  4. Rinse

Using a scrub at least twice a week is a quick and simple way to keep dead skin cells from clogging your pores. It will also aid in cell turnover, so your skin stays looking alive and youthful. 

Why it Works

It doesn’t have any harsh chemicals that could deal long-term damage to your skin. Instead it’s Aloe-based and filled with the same kind of Coconut-derived cleansers you’ll find in our Feel Good Face Wash.

But we added thousands of tiny bio-degradable microbeads to this product. They are designed to lightly scrub the surface of your skin, so you can wash away the oil, dirt and dead skin cells that are trying to work their way down into your pores.

We chose these microbeads instead the tiny shards of coconut shells, or other seed husks, because they are proven NOT to cause damage to your skinCrushed seed husks have a great short-term exfoliating effect, but they have proven to cause the build up of scar tissue and tiny microtears in your skin when you use them.

Our beads are gentle, but still get the job done. The bonus effect of our scrub is the tingly fresh feeling you get every time you use it. This comes from the perfect combination of Mint and Tea Tree Extract. They work together to give you a light, fresh feeling every time you use it.

Picking The Right Products

The most important step in picking the right skincare products for you is knowing your skin type. This doesn’t have to be complicatedYou might have sensitive skin if you experience razor burn and ingrown hairs when you shave. Breakouts and redness from store bought skincare products are also signs of sensitive skin.

If you have a mixture of oily and dry spots at the end of each day, there is a good chance you have combination skin. If your skin feels tight and dried out after you wash your face, you might have… you guessed it, dry skin.

The beautiful thing about our product line is it’s designed for men with every type of skin. The amazing thing about using plant-based ingredients while excluding petroleum-based products and harsh chemicals is you end up with products that every man can useThat’s how we craft all our skincare gear and why it’s all made from our patented Skin-First Formulas.

We know it sounds like a hard sell, but we confidently believe that there isn’t a man on earth who won’t have better skin after a week of using our products.
Man shaving with the supply SE razor

Shaving and Skincare

You’re asking for a whole other blog here. You’re in luck, we already wrote it. Check out our Ultimate Guide to Wet Shaving. But if you’re looking for the short breakdown, it looks like this:
  • Start your shave with hot water or a gentle scrub like our Super Fresh Face Scrub.
  • Use a shave brush to gently exfoliate your skin before your shave. It will lift the hairs and prep you for an extra smooth shave.
  • Use a real shaving cream like our Ultra Lather Shaving Cream, so you can moisturize and replenish your skin as you shave.
  • Use a Single Blade razor like our SE or Pro, so you only shave hair at the surface and don’t damage your skin by shaving below the surface. Check out this blog for more info on the perils of shaving below the surface of your skin.
  • Finish with an Aloe-based post shave like our Healing Post Shave. Most post shaves are alcohol-based. That’s why they burn and damage your skin. Imagine shaving and then pouring a shot of bourbon on your face. Does it sound masculine? Sure. Is it good for you? Absolutely not. 
Your shave is a key part of your skincare routine. That’s why we spend so much time talking about it. We believe a great shave leads to great skin.

Get Started

We also know that a consistent, simple skincare routine will keep you healthy, looking young and feeling greatFollow the steps in this blog to get the skin you’ve always wanted. And let us know how adding this simple routine to your day changed the way you look and think about your skin.