White Label Blades vs. Black Label Blades

Our White Label Blades were the only blades we offered for the first six years of Supply. They are the OG blades. They have been here for us and all our customers since day one.

In October we launched our new Black Label Blades.Why did we add another blade to our product line?

Were we trying to create internal competition? Were we just tired of our White Label Blades?

No to both questions. We are all about giving our customers the power to choose and with only one kind of blade, we weren’t doing that. We also had the opportunity to partner with one of the best steel manufacturers in the world to make our Black Label Blades.

But which blade is right for you? What are the differences? Is one better than the other?

Let’s talk about it. Here’s are the differences between our White Label and Black Label Blades.

Where are these things made?

Our White Label Blades are made in America. We are the proud customers of one of the oldest steel manufacturers in the United States. They have been amazing to work with and consistently produce high-quality blades that we are proud to offer.

Supply White Label Blades

Black Label Blades are manufactured in Seki City, Japan. It has a rich history of steel forging that began in the mid-1300’s with famous samurai swordsmiths moving to Seki City because the soil in the area was a rich source of minerals that created some of the finest steel in Japan. The tradition has continued and even though the company that makes our razor blades doesn’t make samurai swords (as far as we know), they put same amount of precision and care into each razor blade they create.

What’s the big difference in the blades?

Durability and precision.

After a series of in-depth tests on both blades, we’ve found the biggest difference between the two blades is the White Label Blades last longer and the Black Label Blades are more precise.

We would love to say that both types of blades last the same amount of shaves, but now we know the White Label Blades last at least two more shaves than the Black Label Blades. Each blade will last you 8-10 shaves depending on the condition of your skin and how coarse your hair is.

This also means you’ll get a little more for your money from our White Label Blades. Each QuickLoad Cartridge comes with 8 blades and costs $6. So, you’re going to get about 20 more shaves for $2 less than our Black Label Blades.

Why would you want to get Black Label Blades if the White Labels last longer and are more affordable?

Supply Black Label Blades

Black Label Blades offer a more precise shave because of the sharper cutting edge. The Black Label Blades’ cutting edge is slightly finer than the White Labels, so you get a cleaner cut and the blade will glide across your skin just a little smoother.

The sharper cutting edge will help you work around the difficult and sensitive areas with more ease than the White Labels. This doesn’t mean the White Label Blades are more difficult to use or won’t give you a close shave, we’ve just read hundreds of reviews from our longtime customers telling us this has been their experience with the Black Label Blades.

Also, our Black Label Blades are $8 per QuickLoad Cartridge. So, while they are more expensive than White Labels, they are still drastically less expensive than they multi-blade option.

Why are the cutting edges different?

The manufacturers use a different technology to grind down the edge of the blade.

Our American manufacturer uses a straight grind machine that only grinds at one angle. This creates a consistent, sharp edge on all our White Label Blades. However, it leaves more steel on the blade resulting in a slightly less sharp blade than the Black Label Blade.

Our manufacturer in Japan uses what is called frustoconical grinding. This is a more accurate method of grinding down a cutting edge and it allows them to create the sharper blade of our Black Label Blades.

Which one is right for you?

This really comes down to preference. If you prefer to buy American and want a blade that’s going to last a little longer, our White Label Blades are your best choice.

If you have more sensitive skin and want the blade to glide a little smoother across your skin, check out the Black Label Blades.

Both blades will deliver the close, comfortable single blade shave you love. We wouldn’t offer you a product that didn’t give you the results we promise. But we wanted to give you the choice we believe you deserve.