Meet the Black Label Blades

The perfect razors need the perfect blade. So, allow us the pleasure of introducing our Black Label blades.

We went all the way to Japan to bring these to you.

Japanese Stainless Steel

Our Black Label blades are coming to you from the world-famous steel working capital of Seki City, Japan.

But wait…

Why is everyone so obsessed with Japanese steel? What’s the big deal?

Way back in the day, we’re talking 13th century back in the day, a famous Japanese sword maker named Motoshige moved to Seki City to start manufacturing his swords. He chose Seki for it's rich natural and material conditions, like quality iron, sand, charcoal, and water. People traveled from all over just to commission one of his swords.   

And that's just the beginning of the long, storied history of Seki City steel. It’s been going for almost 800 years with no signs of stopping.

Over the past two years we’ve been partnering with one of Seki City’s elite steel companies. With 800 years of steel-forging excellence and state-of-the-art technology, our Black Label blades were born. They’re the sharpest, most durable injector blade in the world.

I mean, who doesn't want to shave like a samurai?

Sharper Blades = Safer Shave

This one might seem counterintuitive at first. Wouldn’t a sharper blade make it more likely for you to cut yourself, especially if you’ve never used a single blade razor before?

The truth is a sharper blade means a cleaner cut. Using a dull blade can lead to tugging on hair and pulling skin into the blade, which leads to nicks and cuts. Contrast that with a sharper blade which slices through hair with little to no effort.

A sharper blade means a smoother glide across your face, leaving you with an even closer shave. 

One of our favorite things about any of our Single Edge razors is the way they glide across skin and literally sweep hair away with no effort. When you find that perfect angle it’s like the hair isn’t even there.

Black Label blades give that feeling times ten.

Cross Compatible With All Single Edge Razors

It doesn’t matter if you’re shaving your legs with our new SE or dialing in the customization with the Pro. Even if you're still loving our 2.0, you can use our new Black Label blades.

These Black Label blades will help you get that smooth shave you've always counted on. And just like our White Label packs, our Black Label blades are compatible with any version of the Single Edge or standard injector razor.

All The Black Label Details

Our Black Label blade packs come loaded with eight stainless steel blades that last up to three months of shaving. With our QuickLoad™ cartridge, the reload process is just as safe as our original injector blades. Lock and load a new blade in less than five seconds. 

Also, did you know? Our blades are twice as thick as other DE and cartridge blades, lasting you twice as long.

Then, when you’re ready for a new blade, the old will eject and can easily slide into the back of the QuickLoad™ pack for safe keeping until you work your way through all 8 blades. Once finished, just take the whole pack and easily dispose of them in the recycling bin.

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