The Most Expensive Razors: A Look at Premium Shaving

Razors and shaving have come a long, long way since Stone Age men used clam shells like tweezers to pluck their beards out. Yes, that really happened.

Some of the best engineering minds in the world have spent years designing and testing the best way to take hair off your face. One company sells a razor that costs more than a Porsche, but more on that in a minute.

We’ve always been about giving you a premium shave that doesn’t break your bank. We want to show you how we stack up against the “luxury” razors of the wet shaving world. We think you’ll see you don’t need to spend $100,000 to get a barbershop shave in your own home.


Premium Shaving has Egyptian Roots

Ancient Egyptian Razor

The most valuable razor in the world is sitting in the British Museum. Archaeologists uncovered it years ago in the tomb of Ancient Egyptian royalty.

Staying clean shaven was a sign of wealth and class, and the 1 Percenters of ancient Thebes would go to whatever lengths to make that happen, even use a razor that looks like it belongs in a horror movie. They get points for innovation, though.


Straight Razors, DE, and the Most Expensive Multi-Blade in the World

Centuries later we finally figured out that it doesn’t take a miniature hatchet, clam shells, or sharpened rocks to mow down a beard.

A simple piece of extra sharp steel at the right angle could turn a 5 o’clock shadow into BBS skin. That’s how the straight razor rose in popularity.

And like men do with everything, they had to put a touch of luxury on it. We’re talking about real ivory handles, gold handles encrusted with jewels that formed family crests, and whatever men could pay for.

This pattern continued with the invention of the first Double-Edge Safety Razor. It started as a basic tool everyone could use, then craftsman started pumping out high-end versions of these razors for collectors, shaving aficionados, and barbers who wanted a signature look.

Now we live in a world where you can buy a razor for $1.99 from Walgreens, or $100,000 from these guys.

We weren’t kidding. The blades are made from sapphire and are apparently thinner than a human hair. Check this thing out, though. It’s pretty amazing.

The most expensive razor in the world: Iridium Razor by Zafirro


And there’s a whole laundry list of expensive “luxury” razors out there. Our friend Mark over at Sharpologist even put together a list.

Click here to see today’s most expensive razors.


The Actual Most Expensive Razor

It’s not any of the ones on this list. It’s the one sitting in your bathroom right now. If you use a multi-blade that is.

It’s not the most expensive because of up-front cost. It’s the most expensive because it’s costing you more money than you might realize.

If you’re buying a new set of blades every month like most men, you could be spending over $200 on multi-blade cartridges every year. It’s not a $100,000, but it’s money you could keep in your pocket.


We Put Premium and Price Together

We don’t dance around the fact that our razor is more expensive (on the front end) than most men are accustomed to paying.

The Supply SE is $59. The Supply Pro is $89.

But we stand by the price because both razors will give you a barber-quality shave in the comfort of your own home, and both of them use blades that will outlast any multi-blade cartridge AND any DE blade. The best part is the blades are $1 a piece.

We mapped it out on our fancy chart: 

Price chart for single edge razors v. other razors

So, once you buy the razor, you’ll only spend $32 a year on blades. That means we’re putting at least $170 back in your pocket while giving you a better shave than you thought was possible.

And we think our razors look pretty good, too. Simple. Sleek. Modern. Effective. No Hot Rod colors or lube strips.

Just one extra sharp blade at any easy-to-find angle for a smooth, irritation-free shave every time.

If you’re ready to cut costs on shaving with a razor that’s certainly not the most expensive on the market, check out the SE or Pro.

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