Meet the Pro

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Tom Brady has a football. Michael Jordan had a basketball. Picasso had his brush. Hemingway had his pen.

Every master needs a tool they can depend on.

You may not be winning championship rings, painting masterpieces or drunkenly writing the next great American novel, but you can take your morning shave to the next level. You’re a shaving pro, and you need, no - you deserve, a razor that lives up to your level of skill.

Meet The Single Edge Pro

A culmination of six years of razor design, dreaming, and listening to customer feedback, the Pro takes the art of single blade shaving to the next level. 

Our most advanced design, the Single Edge Pro took two years of multiple iterations (and countless prototypes) to dial in a razor with unrivaled customization.

You may have seen customization similar to this on much older razors. A giant disc, knob, wheel, or whatever sitting on top of a safety razor, creating an obstacle for the shaver’s hand as they try to take a clean pass on their face.

We didn't want to compromise your shave or our sleek design. So, we built our shave dial conveniently and discreetly into the Pro. You won’t even notice it’s there until you ready to use it.

It puts the most customized shave directly into your practiced hands.

Our Shave Dial 

We were (and still are) incredibly proud of the Single Edge 2.0. But we faced some engineering limitations when we originally designed it, and there was only so much money we could put toward a customized mechanism. 

While not incredibly cumbersome, there had to be a smoother way to change out settings besides a screw and three separate base plates.

Now, thanks to years of work and all of you (our faithful customers), we’ve taken the customization of the 2.0’s shave settings and more into our new Shave Dial.

30 Shave Settings

Six primary settings give way to thirty micro-settings to help you dial in your shave to the exact specification and preference of your unique beard, throughout your shave.

At an even closer look, there’s only .7 of a mm difference between settings 1 and 6. And all thirty micro-settings differ by only hundredths of a mm. Our shave dial gives the most precise shave you’ve ever had. And didn't know you wanted - until now. 

It might seem like we’re splitting hairs here, but every beard map is unique. Seasoned safety razor users know their face, neck, and chin prefer different levels of aggression throughout a shave. 

With the Pro, you can move between each setting with ease. All it takes is a flick of our shave dial. 

The 1 setting is perfect for more sensitive areas of skin, or you can mow down whatever hair is in your way by dialing all the way up to six. Your perfectly customized shave rests somewhere on our dial.

Are You Ready to Go Pro? 

Experience the unrivaled customization of the Single Edge Pro.

Your most dialed-in shave is waiting.

Order HERE to go Pro.

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