What is Nickstop Technology?

The Supply SE introduced the world to the power of NickStop™ Technology.

Sounds fancy? Unnecessary? Well, it's anything but that. People like you will get to see what it’s like to use a safety razor shave without the learning curve or the worry of nicks and cuts.

NickStop™ Technology

What does it actually mean? The definition is in the name: NickStop. We created it to stop nicks and cuts you get when you shave.

It will give you the confidence to take your Single Edge anywhere and everywhere on your face and your body without the fear of cutting yourself. All without sacrificing the close, comfortable shave you’ve come to expect from a single blade.

But it’s not all in the name. NickStop™ Technology also gives the SE all the convenience of a multi-blade razor with the quality of a safety razor. It's common knowledge that a safety razor shave is far superior to anything a multi-blade can do for you.

So, why do billions of people still use multi-blade razors for their morning shave?

Convenience. Multi-blades are fast (if nothing else). But your skin pays the price for the ease of speed.

We admit, it takes longer to use a safety razor. The prep. The shave. The post shave routine. It’s a process. We aren’t putting it down, though. We believe that your shave should be a way to slow down and prepare your mind for whatever you’re about to do. And you should enjoy your shave.

But we realize that sometimes you’re in a hurry. You need to get up and get out the door, and you need to look good when you step out. Our NickStop™ technology will let you shave quickly, safely and closely with your SE.

Fins on a Razor?

Yes. 16 of them to be exact. They are what drive NickStop™ Technology.

They are precisely placed along the safety bar to lift and guide your hair to the blade, all while protecting your skin. There's just enough space for hair and shaving cream to make it through the gaps between each fin, so you only cut hair and never skin. The bar flattens your skin to create a smooth shaving surface for the blade to glide across while the fins usher your stubble to the samurai sword sharp blade for a clean, safe cut.

For wet shaving enthusiasts, these fins might look like the teeth of an open comb razor, but they operate completely different.

Instead of increasing your skin’s exposure to the blade, they create a safer barrier. Open combs are great, but they require significant practice to perfect the technique required to use them effectively.

The fins on the SE will let first time safety razor shavers feel like a pro from the very first pass. NickStop™ is here to flatten the learning curve.

Reduced Nicks and Cuts = Increased Confidence

That’s not just increased confidence in your ability to use your SE. It’s confidence in the way you look - and feel - every time you use it.

The 75% decrease in nicks and cuts leads to your 100% increase in confidence.

Think about it, if you knew that you didn’t have to worry about your razor giving you nicks, cuts, razor burn or ingrown hairs every time you used it, how much would you love your morning shave?

We’re guessing a lot more than you do right now.

Now it’s Up to You

Order your SE today and see what NickStop™ Technology can do for you.