Ingredients Matter: Aloe Vera


Aloe vera is one of the most diverse and beneficial plants that nature has blessed us with. We're most familiar with it's gel form that's extracted from the plant leaves and then applied when we've spent one too many minutes in the sun.

Believe it or not - aloe vera comes in multiple forms in addition to the drug store gel and can replace many harsh, chemical-loaded products in your medicine cabinet. From low blood sugar to digestion and heartburn, it's benefits abound. It truly is a super plant.



The Revolution of Aloe Vera

The daily use of Aloe Vera in skin care dates all the way back to the early Egyptians. Known as the “plant of eternity", the Egyptians praised it for the countless services it performed on the human body. Because of it's anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, they even used it to preserve their dead with the belief that eternal life could be attained by stopping physical decomposition. 

Since the Egyptians, aloe vera has been praised by many and just recently made a comeback in Western culture. With makeup and beauty industries trending towards cleaner and safer products, many are just now realizing how many harsh chemicals in their products can be replaced by this super plant. Aloe vera is also showing up in juice and powder form to aide in medicinal support for anything from constipation to dental plaque. It truly is that versatile.


Why We Use It

When researching and creating our grooming products, we came across the amazing dermal benefits naturally present in aloe vera. Most after shaves or post shave products out there in the market use alcohol as their base to clean and heal any nicks or cuts resulting from grooming. Unfortunately, while it sanitizes, alcohol does not moisturize your skin but instead dries it out even more. And if you're prone to sensitive skin or razor burn - the last thing your face needs is alcohol to exacerbate that situation.

Enter aloe vera: All Natural. Healing. Moisturizing. Quite the trifecta. It’s skin restoring properties made it the obvious choice for the base of our Healing Post ShaveOnce you've had a close shave, you want a product that heals and restores. We took aloe vera juice and combined it with witch hazel and shea to create the perfect post shave finish. No harsh chemicals. No fillers. Only good-for-you ingredients.


The Reviews

Sounds good, but does it really work? Alright, skeptics, we hear you. Here's a few recent comments from our customers. You can check out the full list of reviews here.

"This post shave feels INCREDIBLE right after a good shave. I use it on my head, and it is honestly one of the best purchases I've ever made in regards to shaving products. Very happy with my purchase." - Steven B.

"I have somewhere around 30 different brands of after shave balms. They all have their strengths and weaknesses, but this Healing Post Shave from Supply is at the top of my list. A few sprays leaves the face feeling good all day long. I've also found that it makes the face feel somehow smoother. If there's any irritation, this calms it down pronto. All in all, a superb product." - Michael P.

"Perfection. Love the Arenella Coast scent and love to finish my shave with this soothing, refreshing, and fantastic post shave!" - Colin

All in all, Aloe Vera, you're the real MVP.