How To Line Up Your Beard with a Single Edge

If your facial hair is starting to get out of control, it’s time for a line up. Using the Supply SE or Supply Pro to clean up your beard lines is easier and actually more efficient than a multi-blade with one of those “precision” blades.

Your Supply razor will “get you right”. It doesn’t matter if your beard grows all the way up your face like it’s trying to connect to your eyebrows, or it’s growing down your neck toward your chest hair into a full-on fur shirt. Just follow the steps for clean lines and an extra dose of confidence.


Step One: Lather

Every single edge shave requires a thick lather. It creates a protective layer between your skin and the blade.

When you’re lining up your beard, you should use the lather as a guide to let you know how straight your lines will be after you rinse off.

We always recommend using a real shaving cream to build your lather in a bowl with a shaving brush. But if shaving cream in a can is your thing, we aren’t here to judge.

After you’ve built up a thick lather in your bowl, use your brush to brush all your facial hair in a downward direction. This will make it easier to create a clean line with your single edge.

Now you’re ready to start shaving.


Step Two: Line Up Your Face

Begin by taking short, light downward strokes on your face. Use the safety bar on the Pro or SE to make a straight line across the top of the lather on your cheeks.

Use your shaving cream as a guide. The straighter the lines across the top of the lather on your cheeks, the straighter your beard will be when you rinse off.

Take it slow during this part of your shave. It’s easy to shave off hair. It’s hard to grow it back. Do your best to make sure your line is exactly where you want it to be, otherwise you’re going to have to take off more hair than you want to in order to get the clean lines you want.  


Step Three: Line Up Your Neck

Supply - SE Razor, Neck Shave

Use the same process as you did on your face. The safety bar on your razor gives you an easy way to start and keep your lines. The shaving cream will show you where you have and haven’t shaved, and how straight your line is.

We recommend making a clean line right under your jaw line. This is our preference, but it’s your beard, so go with what you want.

However, we have seen this look work for hundreds of men. It makes your beard look like it’s not growing down your neck. It also doesn’t make it seem like you’re using your beard to create a jawline that isn’t actually there.

As always, be careful around the difficult angles of your jawline.  


Step Four: Rinse

Supply - SE Razor Shave

After you’ve shaved off all the unwanted hair and made clean, symmetrical lines on your face and neck, rinse off. Check your work.

If you’ve missed any spots, re-lather and take short, light strokes over the remaining stubble to give you a true BBS shave.  


Step Five: Post Shave and Moisturize

Finish every shave with our healing post shave and moisturizer.

Even though you haven’t shaved your whole face, your skin still needs the full treatment.

Spray on your favorite scent of our Healing Post Shave. This will soothe any irritation your skin possibly endured during your shave. It will also help create an even tone.

Finish your routine with our Multi-Purpose Moisturizer. This plant-based, oil-free moisturizer will lock in the moisture your skin needs to stay healthy and look young throughout your day.


Bonus Step: Enjoy the fruits of your labor

Soak in the fact that you are a true shaving pro able to create the clean lines you thought you could only get from your barber.

You should feel confident in how great your beard looks and that YOU are the one that made it happen.

Go forth and conquer your day.