A Guide To Gifts For Your Grad

Do you know what to get the grad in your life?

Most people just opt for a gift card and there’s nothing wrong with that. But if you want to give something more thoughtful that will last them the rest of your life, we’ve got you covered.

Here’s everything you need to give your grad a better shave, better skin, or a manlier beard.

The Supply SE Starter Set on a White Background

The Single Edge Starter Set

What better way to get him started than with everything he needs from first lather to final post shave. The Single Edge Starter Set ships with a three month blade supply and three customizable settings to ensure he gets the perfect shave for his unique beard.

Shop the SE Starter Set - starting at $89.

Supply Skin Essentials Set on White Background

The Skin Essentials Set

Every man needs a solid skincare routine. He doesn’t need to worry about being late for work or class trying to apply 7 different products. This 3-step system will keep his face clean, healthy, and on time to wherever he needs to be.

All the products are plant-based, won’t clog his pores, and the Eye Cream will make it look like he’s getting enough sleep.

Shop The Skin Essentials Set - $44

Supply Beard Growth Set on Black Raining Background

The Beard Growth Set

If you’re young man is trying to look as grown up as he feels, we can help him out.

This set is the 1-2 punch his follicles need to grow a beard beyond his years. Our Beard Growth Serum is the only product with our proprietary growth blend of ingredients. The Activating Beard Roller will wake up his follicles, so he can start growing a full beard faster than all his friends.

Shop the Beard Growth Set - $59

Supply Full Product Line Up on White Background

Build Your Own Set

You know your graduate better than we do. If you want to put together a set you know he’ll love and use, check out everything we have to offer.

Shop All




The Gift of Choice

Still unsure what to give? Give a Supply gift card and give your grad the ability to his own shave set-up. Starting at $25, our gift cards are delivered by e-mail and contain instructions to redeem them at check-out.

Shop Supply Gift Card - Starting at $25