The Guide to Body Shaving with the SE

 The Supply SE is designed to be one of the safest, smoothest single blade safety razor shaves for your face.

However, after testing a few prototypes we discovered we also created one of the best safety razors to use for body shaving. NickStopTM Technology and the 16 precision fins will protect your skin, and lift and guide your hair to the blade no matter where you’re shaving.

Just because it’s one of the safest safety razors to use for body shaving doesn’t mean you can just start hacking away at your legs, chest, arms or wherever.

You need to focus and use the proper technique, especially because the angles are different across the different areas of your body.

Let’s dive in. Here’s the simple, but necessary guide to a safe, smooth body shave with your Supply SE.

Lather up

DO NOT skip this step. Lather up before you start shaving. Re-lather if you’re going to take another pass. Do not use the SE directly on your skin.

We highly recommend using a brush and real shaving cream when you shave any part of your body. Most people see a brush and traditional shaving cream and think it’s only for their face. But the bristles do an amazing job of exfoliating and prepping your skin for a single edge shave.

Our Ultra Lather Shaving Cream will create a protective cushion for the blade to glide across. We love the way this works on our faces. It’s absolutely essential for a safe body shave. It’s also plant-based and filled with moisturizing ingredients that will replenish your skin as you shave.

We said it once, but it bears repeating: RE-LATHER. When you take a second pass, you need to lather up again. DO NOT use the SE on bare skin. The blade is too sharp. You need a layer of shaving cream between your skin and the blade.

Use the Correct Angle

We made this one super easy with the SE. Just place the “Supply” logo flat against your skin. This is the optimum shaving angle for safety and smoothness.

Using an angle that’s too shallow will leave hair behind. The blade won’t make contact with the skin the way it’s designed to. So, you’ll end up with stubble no matter the number of passes you take.

You’ll know your angle is too shallow if you’re leaving cream behind and you have “track marks” like the picture below.

Supply SE - Treadmarks

Using an angle that’s too steep can lead to cuts or some shaving irritation. This will cause the blade to make too much contact with the skin. This makes for a traumatic experience for your skin.

That’s why we made it so easy to find the best angle. Remember: Supply Logo flat against your skin. It might be a little more difficult to achieve this when you’re shaving your body. But if you take it slow, you should have no problem getting a smooth SE shave.

Take Short, Light Strokes

You don’t need to press down to get a smooth shave with the SE.

The SE weighs 92 grams. That’s four times as heavy as any razor you can find at the store. The weight means you never have to press down, because it’s designed to press down on its own.

Also, the blade is so sharp that you don’t need to press to get a clean cut.

This could take some getting used to because other razors are lighter and require more pressure. But once you let the razor do the work for you, all you’ll need to do is guide the blade over any area and it will feel like you’re sweeping the hair away.


As we said earlier, shaving can be a harsh process for your skin. You aren’t just cutting hair. You are scraping away moisture and dead skin. So, your skin is extra sensitive after you shave.

This is actually a good thing if you moisturize right after you shave. Your pores are opened up and the skin has just been cleared of dead skin, so any moisturizer is able to have an even greater effect.

We recommend using a plant-based moisturizer to put nutrients back into your skin after you shave. This will help your skin stay smoother longer. You know, something like our Multi-Purpose Moisturizer. Like the SE it works on places other than your face.

So, there it is. That’s the easy guide to getting a smooth shave with your Supply SE. That’s why we say it’s the first safety razor for every-body. We hope you love using it on yours.