Your Grooming FAQ's: Answered

We get a ton of questions. Most of them are genuine and relevant. Some are straight from internet trolls' fingertips. The smart people want to know how the SE and Pro work, what makes them so great, and why men should learn more about their personal grooming.

We love all the questions (even the troll-worthy ones), because it shows that people actually care about the products they use and how ingredients really do matter. 

So, here are the heavy-hitting, the frequently asked, and the “you definitely need to know the answer to this” questions.

Supply SE starter set on wooden table


Why is a single blade better than a multi-blade razor?

Single blade razors cut hair where they're supposed to be cut - at the surface of the skin. This allows hair to grow back naturally, while dramatically reducing irritation, redness, nicks, and ingrown hairs.

Multi-blade razors cut hair below the surface. The first blade cuts the hair, but the second, third and fourth blades cut hair micrometers below the surface of the skin. All razors create microscopic cuts in the skin, but the 3, 4 or 5 blades on multi-blade razors amplify this problem. It causes irritation and redness, especially for people who have sensitive skin.

When the hair does grow back, it has to fight through a tiny layer of skin. This is a major cause of ingrown hairs.

The mass amounts of micro-cuts created by multi-blades also cause your skin to age prematurely. The single blade produces far less micro-cuts, allowing the skin to heal quicker and not age before its time.

Want an even deeper dive? Check out our blog here: Why 1 Blade is Better Than 5

(we also make a Post Shave that speeds the healing process while nourishing your skin. Just saying…)

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Why is the Single Edge better than a double edge, traditional safety razor?

This really comes down to blades and the angle of the blade in the razor.

Double edge safety razor blades are thin and flimsy. This creates what’s called “blade chatter” when the blade moves across the skin. This means the blade is more likely to catch on thicker hair and then make a quick jump forward as it snaps back into place. The blade is skipping across your skin increasing the chances of the blade nicking and cutting your skin.

Our blades are twice as thick as double edge blades. They’re just as sharp, if not sharper than double edge blades and sit securely in the razor. Blade chatter is almost nonexistent with the SE and Pro. Our blades just glide across your skin as you shave.

Finding the proper angle of the blade in DE razors is nowhere near as intuitive as our razors.

Most DE razors require you to hold the head of the razor against your skin at a 30-degree angle. It makes for an awkward and difficult angle to work around your jawline and your neck.

Every SE and Pro has the Supply Logo printed on the head of the razor. This isn't for branding. It's a guide to find the optimum shaving angle. Just place the logo flat against your skin and you have the perfect shaving angle. It allows you to hold the razor at an easy angle and also get a smooth shave.

Want even more info? Read our in-depth blog: The Single Edge vs. Double Edge Razors

I’ve never used a single blade razor before. Is it safe?

It is. There's a small learning curve for all safety razors, mainly since most customers have only shaved with a multi-blade razor. The angles are different. The feel is different. The blade is sharper.

The SE makes the process even easier thanks to our NickStop Technology. It's driven by our 16 fins that lift and guide your hair to the blade while protecting your skin from nicks and cuts. We made this razor so everyone can safely experience the single blade difference without going through a long learning curve. 

The Pro is different. We made this one for the wet shaving veterans. It has 6 main settings and 30 micro-settings, so you can customize your shave to your face. It allows you to control the blade exposure meaning if you've never used a single blade before, you're more likely to get cuts. 

However, we put together a series of tutorial videos to guide you through the process and help you get to know your new shave gear. And once you get a couple of shaves in, the muscle memory of the new technique will kick in.

And the best part? You’ll experience less irritation and cuts than you ever had with a multi-blade. Check out some of our pro tips before you get started.

Plus, here are a few customer reviews, because let's be honest. They're going to tell it like it is: 

First timer
I was doubtful trying this product because I've got such thick facial hair and bought in that 5 blades are better than 1 blade. After the first time with 6 days of whisker growth on my face, I was sold.
Kevin Crouch 
Silky Smooth Shave!
This is my first time shaving with an injector style shave handle. I was amazed because with no pressure how well the hair was cut off my face. No irritation and left my face smooth feeling.
Best beginner single edge razor

Completely eliminated razor burn and is easy to use

Zachary Douglas

 SE and Pro razors on gray background with water falling

Why are they so expensive?

We understand that $59 for an SE or $89 for a Pro seems like a lot, especially when you've been paying less than $20 for a razor handle. Our hope is you’ll consider it an investment in yourself. You deserve a razor that’s working for you - not against you.

They will actually saves you a lot of money in the long run. Let's bust out the 'ole calculator.

On average, a 4-pack of multi-blade cartridge refills costs $18. If you have to buy one 4-pack every two months (a generous estimate), you’ll spend $108 on blade refills alone every year.

If you bought a Supply razor today, you would spend $59-$89 on shaving for the next three months. We ship both with a three month blade supply to get you started. Then, when you need a refill, you'll only spend $6 or $8 a pack, every three months. Which brings you means you spend between $83 and $113 in your first year.

Don't even get us started on year 2? $32 for a year worth of blades. A steal.

On top of that, our razors are made out of solid metal: die-cast zinc alloy with a PVD chrome coat. They both come with a 100-day trial period and a lifetime warranty.

 Man loading blades into a Supply SE

Are the blades proprietary?

No, they're not. We designed the SE and Pro to be compatible with any standard injector blade pack. While we think our blades are the best quality around, you can find standard injector blades on Amazon, Walmart, Walgreens, and tons of other places.

Our main goal is to give you the best shave of your life. We know the SE or Pro will do just that. Get the blades from us, from Amazon or your local convenience store.

Shop injector blades here

Doesn’t a sharper blade mean it’s more dangerous?

Just the opposite actually. Sharper blades = safer shave.

It might seem counterintuitive, but the truth is a sharper blade means a cleaner cut. Using a dull blade can lead to tugging hair, pulling skin into the blade, and resulting in cuts. A sharper blade means a smoother glide across your face, leaving you with an even closer shave.

man applying ultra lather shaving cream with shave brush

Why should I use your shaving cream instead of the canned stuff?

Because you care about your skin.

The canned stuff you’ve been using your whole life is filled with alcohol, parabens and microplastics. They say it nourishes your skin. That’s a lie. All those ingredients actually pull moisture out of your skin, leaving it dry, prone to irritation, and premature aging.

Our Skin-First Formulas™ are made without 100+ harmful ingredients commonly found in grooming products. Instead, we use industry leading ingredients designed to restore, hydrate, and protect your skin. 

They're aloe based instead of alcohol based. We could go full scientist here and talk about things like kaolin, glycerin and jojoba seed oil, but we won’t. Just know that we left out all the stuff that ruins your skin and put in all the stuff your skin loves.

You can read even more about our shaving cream at our blog: Shave Gel, Butter, or Cream?.

What’s the point of a shave brush?

A shave brush preps skin and your hairs for the blade. The circular motion of the bristles applying product to your face also gently exfoliates skin while lifting the hair.

With your pores opened up, you get the most out of the shaving cream. And since your hair is lifted away from the skin, it makes it easier for the blade to cut at the surface of your skin.

It’s also the best way to get the thickest lather with your shaving cream. The brush creates a thick, protective lather in no time.

And last, it just feels amazing. You won't know until you experience it. And then, you'll never go without a brush again. 

Learn even more at our blog: Why You Need a Shave Brush

Man holding Multi Purpose Moisturizer


Why should I use a moisturizer?

This is a popular question from a lot of our male customers. 

We know it seems like just another step to add to your morning routine. But trust us when we say it’s absolutely essential. Your skin, especially the skin on your face, takes a beating every single day: the sun, the wind, your hands, other people’s hands, dirt in the air, other “stuff” in the air, your pillowcase, and A LOT more.

They all pull moisture from your skin, giving you that dry feeling that makes your skin look tired and (we’ll say it again) age prematurely.

A moisturizer is your way to fight against everything your skin deals with all day. It puts nutrients back into your skin. It strengthens the moisture barrier on your face. It fights against the negative effects of the sun. It holds off wrinkles.

Ours is oil-free, so you don’t have to worry about it clogging your pores and causing outbreaks. Plus, it feels amazing just out of the shower or after a clean shave.

If you want healthy, young looking skin on your face, use a moisturizer. If you want a moisturizer that has ingredients to make your skin even better, use ours.

Learn more about our Multi-Purpose Moisturizer on this blog.

Can I shave with my Single Edge every day?

Absolutely. We designed them for shave routines of all kinds. 

Sensitive skin? Get the Supply SE and see how close the shave is without the burn or bumps. 

Hair like steel wool? Get your own Pro and adjust the setting to handle your stubble. 

We are so grateful for our first responders, military, and medical customers who have to shave daily for their job, and our hope is to help alleviate any pain they might associate with their daily shave.

Learn even more on this blog: Save Your Face From Daily Shaving

Does it work for head shaving?

Yes, it does. We love our head shaving customers, and we have customized tutorials for you.

Let’s do a quick breakdown of how to shave your head with a Single Edge.

Warm to hot shower.

Thick lather to protect scalp.

Shave. We recommend using the SE for head shaving. You can get a close shave with the Pro, but because the blade is more exposed, you run a greater risk of cutting yourself.

DO NOT use either razor against bare skin. The blade is sharp and is not designed to be used against bare skin.

That’s a really easy breakdown. To learn the full process, read this.

How does they do with body shaving?

The SE is great for body shaving. In fact, one way we describe it is the first safety razor for every-body. You can take it south of your face, your chest, your... you get the idea. The angle is constantly changing, and you’ll need to hold the razor in different ways to get all the spots you want. But the fins will protect your skin no matter where you shave.

The SE will have the same effect on your body as it does your face: it will reduce irritation and provide a close, comfortable shave. Use it wherever you want.

We wrote a whole series of blog posts dedicated to leg shaving. You can read the first one here: Getting Started Tips for Shaving Legs

Now it's Your Turn

What do you want to know about shaving and grooming? 

We know that we didn't cover every question in this blog. So, we want to hear from you. Send us your burning questions. What are the biggest problems you face with your shaving routine? Do you even have a shaving routine? Why or why not? How can we help you? 

Send them here and someone from our team will be happy to get you taken care of.