Why One Blade is Better Than Five


Let's forget about razor handles and different brands. There's marketing for why this razor is better than any you've ever tried. And let's focus on blades - specifically comparing one super sharp blade to multiple cartridge blades.

How could one blade ever compare to five?

How Multiple-Blade Razors Work

The whole premise behind adding multiple blades to a razor was to lift and cut the hair beneath the surface of your skin. The first blade lifts the hair and the subsequent blades cut below the surface of the skin, giving you a close shave. 

The issue? When you shave below the surface of the skin, you leave your skin vulnerable to ingrown hairs. And multiple sharp edges create more friction with your face. And friction leads to razor burn and irritation.

How A Single Blade Razor Works

On the other side of the spectrum, a single blade razor will shave at the surface of our skin, giving you an extremely close shave without the risk of ingrown hairs and irritation. With just one blade, there's less friction, so less irritation and razor burn.

So, why would companies continue to add blades and market it as a better shave?

The "Science" Behind Multiple Blades

To answer that question, you have to understand the "science" given by companies who create multi-blade razors. Most people assume more blades is better, but that's because we've literally had billions of dollars of marketing telling us this for the past 30 years.

The fact is that the only "science" that supports the theory that multi-blade razors provide a superior shave to single blade razors is funded by the largest and most profitable multi-blade razor manufacturer on the planet. Questionable, at best.


Think about it for a minute. Where is the quintessential place you go to get the best shave possible? Your barber. And what does he use to do it? A single blade. 

In the absence of clear scientific results, the only way to know what works for you is to experience them. We're here to let our customers' results speak for themselves. These are unbiased, unedited real reviews. And we have thousands of them. 



"For someone who has really sensitive skin and a weird beard map, I was skeptical to making the switch to a single blade. Now after about 4 weeks, it is the best experience I have had with any razor on the market. The Single Edge shave is not hard and will leave your skin in it's best shape! Absolutely will be purchasing more products from Supply! Great brand, customer service and support!" - BLAKE S.


"Since I started shaving, I had suffered from razor burn, ingrown hairs, nicks, etc. I tried everything. The amount of money I spent on shaving products was staggering. I always bought the new thing, the better cream, pre-shave, post-shave, razors and so on. With the Supply Single Edge, for the first time in my life, I have been enjoying shaving. Not one in-grown hair, or sign of razor burn. My face and neck are healthy and healing from all of my past shaving mistakes. Thank you!" - MICHAEL U.


"I wasn't sure what to expect switching from cartridge razors that always left my skin irritated. It took about 3 shaves to get used to the Supply razor and no joke, this is the best! I have by far the closest shaves of my life with no irritation. In addition to that, it has transformed my shave experience. I actually enjoy shaving and have fun with it now. I chose the Coastal scent for shaving cream, and everyone in my house loves it! Finally, the customer service was top notch, and as someone who works in a field where customers are everything, it made me want to work for them! I am happy to be a customer and part of the Supply family!" - JUSTIN V.


"Way better than the shave clubs and other standard multi-blade options. Glad I made the jump. This is worth every penny!" - MITCHELL J.