The Single Edge vs. Double Edge Razor


One of the most frequent questions we receive about the Single Edge is "how does it shave compared to my ___?" Whether you are a seasoned wetshaving veteran or have used convenience store plastic razors, the Single Edge is for everyone. This blog is part of an ongoing series where we compare the Single Edge to popular razors.

When it comes to traditional wetshaving, most enthusiasts think of the DE razor (short for double edge) as the standard. A DE razor is exactly how it sounds: it has two cutting edges for shaving on both sides of the razor. While it is an excellent tool for wetshaving once the technique is mastered, there are many advantages for using the Single Edge razor instead.

The Single Edge

 What makes the Single Edge different?

There are a few main differences between the Single Edge and a DE razor: the weight, the customization, the mechanics and the blades. Some are more obvious while others are what provide that comfortable, close shave we're all looking for.

First, the Single Edge has only one cutting edge rather than the two of the DE. I know what you're thinking, "Duh." Moving right along.

The weight of the Single Edge sets it apart from most other razors on the market. Because the blades are sharper and the razor is heavier, you never have to press down into your skin. Unlike other razors, all you need to do is allow the weight of the razor to sweep away the hair with light, short strokes. It'll do all the work, minimizing friction with your skin!

Every man is unique, and so is his beard. That's why we've created a razor that is adjustable to match your unique shaving needs. The Single Edge is available with three different shave settings that can be swapped out in seconds: Sensitive (one dot), Comfortable (two dot) and Ultra Close (three dot). Think of it like the electric clippers at your barber shop - change the blade setting, and change how close you cut.

The different settings essentially change how much of the blade is visible, causing the difference in closeness of your shave. Our Ultra Close Shave Setting will get you the closest cut and allow you to mow down the thickest beard with ease. The Sensitive Shave Setting that comes attached to the razor will get you a nice trim and is recommended for beginners and people with sensitive skin. The Comfortable Shave Setting, is the most popular setting -- it was designed for everyone in between. It gives a fantastic, close shave with zero irritation.

One major complaint about DE shaving is how difficult it is to find the correct blade angle during the shave. The Single Edge was created with the blade angle built into the design of the actual razor. To find the angle, you just place the head of the razor flat against your skin and then rotate 10-15 degrees. Whether you're a wetshaving enthusiast or a first timer, we wanted the Single Edge to feel intuitive to use. 

Finally, changing out a blade in the Single Edge is much easier due to the unique injector blade cartridge that comes with the razor. Insert the key. Push the lever forward. Insert the new blade. Eject the old. Done. The injector blade is twice as thick as a DE blade and tends to last users almost twice as long. Our blade pack holds 8 stainless steel injector blades and has been in production for over 100 years in the United States. Each Single Edge ships with a pack of blades, which can last our customers up to 3 months of shaving. 

20 injector blades ship with each razor

Show me the proof.

The reviews are in - and they look good.  

The choice is yours.

See why customers are making the switch from their DE traditional razor to the Single Edge. With a 60 day trial period, over 1700 reviews and counting, and a 3 months supply of shaves, we're running out of reasons why you shouldn't. 

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