Why You Need a Shave Brush

Is a shave brush necessary? Wouldn't it be easier to just spray foam and go? It may be easier, but it's no comparison.


The truth is, men are waking up to the benefits of using a shave brush to prep for a shave. Clearer skin, less irritation, and closer shaves are just a few of the perks that come with it.

Interest piqued? Here's how it works.


It's no secret that canned shaving creams may create a fluffy foam, but are filled with harmful chemicals and alcohol to achieve it. Plus - they can damage the skin by drying out already sensitive complexions. So, what's the alternative? 

A rich, luxurious lather whipped up by using a quality shave brush. This lather is built to protect skin for the duration of your shave, so you get a close, comfortable shave without any irritation. Using a shave brush helps you build a great lather with little to no effort.

For the full description of how to create a rich, foamy lather, check out our blog here.

Prepping Hair

Aside from creating an amazing lather, a shave brush will also prepare your hair and skin for a better shave. When applying lather with a brush, the warm, soapy water combines with your circular motions to actually lift your facial hair away from the skin. This places them in the perfect position to be swept away by a sharp, single blade with minimal irritation.

Why this is important: When hairs lay flat against your skin, it's much harder for the blade to cut it, leaving behind stubble and patches of hair. This requires multiple passes to get the close shave you want but at the risk of razor burn or irritation.


An added bonus to using a shave brush is the much-needed exfoliation it provides to worn skin. While applying lather to your face with a brush, the soft bristles are simultaneously removing dead skin cells, leaving behind clearer skin and a better complexion. 

Plus if you're using warm water with it, the brush will actually open up your skin pores, lowering your chances of ingrown hairs and irritation. Win. Win.

Warning: once you shave with a shave brush, you will never go back to the canned alternative. Give us one slow Saturday morning, and you'll be hooked.

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