I Need Help Creating a Rich Foamy Lather

Creating a rich, foamy lather to serve as a protective layer over skin is essential to not only minimizing cuts, irritation — but also to optimize your shave to be the best. For the best lather possible, it's best to use a concentrated shaving cream or soap, a shaving brush and a shaving bowl. Here's a video of Patrick explaining the importance of a high quality shaving cream, and how to best use them:

You can also use a shave bowl or mug to create a warm, barberstyle lather -- or to hold a little extra for a second pass. To do so: 

Grab a shave bowl, mug or container and fill it with hot water. Let it sit for a couple of minutes to heat the bowl up. Once properly heated, dump out the water. Our Marble Shave Bowl is designed to retain heat three times longer than ceramic counterparts. Imagine warm, barber-style lather in the comfort of your bathroom.

Next, take a finger scoop of your shaving cream and rub it into the bottom of your bowl or container. Then, run your shaving brush under warm water and begin to whip up a lather using circular motions. It may take a little muscle, so don't be shy. Whip it good! The end result and thick lather will be well worth it.

If your lather is not foaming up, you need some more water. If your lather is too runny, you used to much water -- or not enough shaving cream. 

Marble Shave Bowl