Creative Beards to Kick Off Winter

With the temps dropping, you might be opting for a less clean shaven look in the winter months. Need some inspo? We're here to help you rock that facial hair in style over the next few months.

Full Beard

The classic full beard channeling your inner lumberjack. There are many variations of a full beard, but they all vary depending on the beard length you choose. Stubble? A few weeks growth? You decide. Regardless, with this style you'll want to shave your neck consistently to keep it clean.



If you tend to have a lot of hair growth along your jawline, you may want to give the Balbo a whirl. It's pretty much a low grown beard or a goatee with a floating, unattached mustache. If you're looking for a style to separate your beard from the rest of the pack, look no further.

Line Up

Want to grow a beard, but keep a clean, tailored look at the same time? A line up is for you. This beard looks best when paired with trimmed, faded side that blend into the beard. For most, this will require weekly trimming to keep everything lined up.

Need tips for using the Single Edge to trim your beard? Check out our blog here.

Mutton Chops

For those not from the south, mutton is a common term to refer to sheep. Never been to a rodeo? Just google mutton busting. You won't be disappointed. To rock a mutton chop beard, you'll need to have a full beard with the chin shaved off. Recommended to those who want an eye grabbing beard and don't mind starting conversations with random strangers.


If you're not a beard guy, but would like some hair growth this winter, the good ole fashioned mustache is a great compromise. There are a lot of styles and variations possible, and we outlined a few in our blog last year 6 Mo Styles to Rock this Movember. Check it out and be inspired.

Yeard "Fear the Beard"

If you're wanting to go the extra mile, start prepping for your 2020 Yeard. Essentially, the yeard is the beard you start growing and keep growing. There's a whole movement out there you can join, post progress pictures, and cap it off at the end of 2020.

Take your new year's resolution up a notch with this style, and we'll be there for you on the other side when you're ready to shave it all off.

Proper Beard Maintenance

Maintaining a beard still takes work with the trimming, lining up, and styling if you so choose. The best time to trim and shave necks is post shower when your skin is clean and pores are open from the warm water. Lather up a thick, protective cushion and then use a sharp, single blade safety razor to line up and trim unwanted growth. Might we recommend the Single Edge