6 Mo Styles to Rock this Movember

It's the official first day of Movember. Have no idea what we're talking about? Check out our previous journal entry, "Grow a Mo. Save a Bro this Movember." As you prepare to grow that lovely stache, it's always best to have an end style in mind. We're here to help.

The easiest place to start your moustache journey is by simply shaving your beard with the exception of your upper lip hair. This is a great way to see what kind of hair growth you have. I hate to break it you, but if you don’t have enough growth to cover your entire upper lip, you probably won’t end up looking like Tom Selleck. But don’t fear - there are plenty of other styles waiting for you try out.

The Chevron

This classic mustache was sported by Freddie Mercury on stage time after time. This mustache is an easy one to groom as well. All you have to do is trim the upper lip line when the hair starts to curl over.

The Horseshoe (also known as The Trucker)

2 words: Hulk. Hogan. This is the classic macho man moustache and most popular with buff guys and bikers. It’s also a great one to consider for those who have a long face shape.

The Handlebar

We’ve now entered the big leagues. Get it? Rollie Fingers? Big league? This mustache takes the grooming game to a whole new level. It needs to be bushy in the middle, and the most challenging part will be at the corners. Your growth has to be quite strong and fast to have ends long enough to properly curl. Moustache wax is a great product to help hold the curl in place.

The English

The older brother to the infamous Handlebar style. Same concept, but instead of curling the ends, you will let it grow out perpendicular to your face.

The Pencil

This thin mustache was widely popular with actors back in the 30s and 40s, but has started making a comeback! Great for people who either don’t have too much going on or don’t want much going on with their mo. In its modern age rendition, it can also be complimented with a goatee.

The Walrus

Warning! This is not for those who struggle to grow full mustaches. This style is meant to completely cover your lips and will be extremely bushy and full. Side note: You'll definitely gain attention and have the chance to spread plenty of awareness about Movember!

We can't wait to see which style you choose this Movember - and make sure you tag us with all of your stache updates on social media @supply!