The Single Edge 2.0
The Single Edge 2.0
The Single Edge 2.0
The Single Edge 2.0
The Single Edge 2.0
The Single Edge 2.0
The Single Edge 2.0
The Single Edge 2.0
The Single Edge 2.0
The Single Edge 2.0
The Single Edge 2.0
The Single Edge 2.0
The Single Edge 2.0
The Single Edge 2.0
The Single Edge 2.0

The Single Edge 2.0

Sale price $75


"The Best Single-Blade Razor" - GQ

Carefully engineered to provide you with a perfect shave, the Single Edge razor is your personal grooming genie. It'll grant you three wishes: freedom from ingrown hairs and irritation, freedom to feel on top of the world after you shave, and a sturdy tool that stays with you for a lifetime.

The injector-style blade cartridge allows you to reload the razor with ultra-sharp stubble-slicers, without ever touching a blade with your hands. And the three custom shave settings let you adjust the grazing strength, so you can find the ideal shave for your skin type.

Includes eight blades (a 90-day supply), and a lifetime warranty.

Single Edge 2.0: Designed to give you the best shave of your life. Easy for beginners. Suitable for all skin types. Available in Alloy or Steel.

8 Blade Injector Pack: Our razor accepts non-proprietary "injector" style blades. Easy to change, safe to handle. Each pack is about a 90-day supply — 8-10 shaves per blade.

3 Custom Shave Settings: No more one-shave-fits-all. Adjust the blade exposure to customize your shave. Every razor comes with three proprietary shave settings.

What’s the difference between Alloy and Steel?
Our ALLOY razors are made from die-cast zinc alloy, coated with aerospace grade PVD chrome. Our STEEL razors are made from 100% solid stainless steel.

What blades does it accept?
The Single Edge accepts "injector" style blades. These are not proprietary to us and have been in production for over 100 years.

What makes the blades so great?
They're twice as thick as modern and vintage razor blades, making them shave stronger and cut cleaner. Fun fact: injector blades were originally invented by Schick in the early 1900’s. They quickly developed a cult following as a safer alternative to the Gillette double edge blades.

How long do they last?
Everybody changes out their blades at different intervals due to the fact that our skin, hair, and preferences are all different. That said, most customers easily get 8 to 10 shaves out of each blade. A single pack of eight blades can last up to three months if you shave 5-6 times a week.

Where do I buy them?
We produce our own brand which we believe are the best on the market. You can find other brands at places like Amazon, Walmart, and more.

What's with the Custom Shave Settings?
The Single Edge is available with three different shave settings that can be swapped out in seconds. Think of it like the electric clippers at your barber shop - change the blade setting, and change how close you cut. The different settings essentially change how much of the blade is visible, causing the difference in closeness of your shave.

1. The Single Edge comes with the Sensitive Setting attached. Beginners and those would sensitive skin should start with this setting. If you’re more experienced and/or require a closer shave, bump up to the Comfortable Setting by unscrewing the razor and swapping out the settings.

2. Insert the key from your blade pack into the head of your Single Edge Razor and push the slider toward the razor to inject your blade.

3. Using the correct angle is very important for a close, comfortable shave with the Single Edge - somewhere between 10-15 degrees rotated from your skin. The easiest way to find your angle is to start by placing the head of the razor flat against your cheek - cutting edge facing the ground.

4. Take a few short, light downward strokes - with the head of the razor sliding against your skin. Then begin to rotate the handle downward - slowly letting the blade make contact with your skin - until the razor starts cutting the hair

5. You found it!

Make sure to use a rich, protective shaving cream to shield your skin from our sharp blades and end your shave with a great after shave to soothe your skin.


From ingrown hairs. From razor bumps. From bad shaves.

Smooth, sharp & safe

A Cut Above the Rest

Lifetime Warranty

You'll Teach Your Grandkids with this Razor

When we designed and tested the Single Edge, we didn't cut corners. Only hairs. Lots, and lots, and lots of hairs.

The end result? A razor that's built to last a lifetime – carefully engineered from sturdy components which, like fine wine and fine beards, only get better with age.

Any defects in materials or workmanship will earn you a full refund or replacement. Even if you're a hundred years old when those defects become apparent.


One Blade to Rule Them All

Well-built tools save you money in the long run.

It's always tempting to grab the $9 razor from the supermarket. But like a sturdy pair of boots, the Single Edge razor is an investment which pays off in the end.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2354 reviews
Justin Collett


Hey Justin! Thrilled to see you've been enjoying your Single Edge so much. Let us know if there is ever anything we can help with!

Jahdiaum Love


Hey Jahdiaum! Thanks for taking the time to leave us some feedback on your Single Edge. I always enjoy seeing those 5-stars!

Rodney Brittingham

Love the shave

Hey Rodney! Wow - thrilled to read you are LOVING your shave with our Single Edge. That's what I like to hear. Let us know if there is ever anything we can do for you!

Kaleb Carlson


Hey Kaleb! Love to see you are enjoying the Single Edge so much. Let us know if there is ever anything we can do for you!

Alessandro Bucelli
Finally, a simple, very nice, and great alternative to my gillete razors!

For over 20 years, I have used Gillette or other classic brand razors and cartridges. I frequently used the multi-blade set ups thinking they were better. I laughed at myself as I saw parodies over the years of 27-blade options and the like! Finally, there is a greater alternative with a single blade that is way sharper than the others I was used to. And refills will be much cheaper in the long run, lowering my overall shaving TCO! :-) I have been very happily pleased with this purchase. A great quality product.

Hey Alessandro! Love to hear you are enjoying your Single Edge so much and that you've seen the difference it makes when compared to multi-blade razors. 'Greater Alternative' is the best way to describe the Single Edge!

David Buzali
best shave

Really happy with this product I shaved like never before

Hey David! Love to hear you are enjoying your Single Edge and that you've been experiencing that close, comfortable shave. It really does give you the best shave out there!

Matthew Daye

Its the perfect razor. The weight of it does all the work. The irritation was minimal. Even my gf is in love so I'll be getting another soon.

Hey Matthew - WOW! Perfect is what I like to read and I love that you are already looking to get another for someone else. Feel free to reach out to my team if that irritation continues - they would love to help!

Harvey Taylor

The Single Edge 2.0

Hey Harvey! Thank you for the 5-star review - I'm so glad to see you are enjoying our Single Edge so much. Let us know if there is ever anything we can help with!

Paul Kelleher
New way to shave

So far I’ve been very impressed especially with the personalize CEO instructions on how to use the razor I’m still debating if it’s cheaper or not than buying the Gillette ones at the store but so far I really like

Hey Paul! I'm thrilled to hear you are enjoying your Single Edge. It may cost more upfront but you really do end up saving over time. No more expensive cartridges and less than $30 for a full year's worth of blades!

Ernest Sutton

The Single Edge 2.0 + Stand

Hey Ernest! Thrilled to see you've been enjoying your Single Edge and stand so much. Appreciate you taking the time to leave us your feedback. Let us know if there is ever anything we can do for you!