Tips for Trimming Your Beard this Winter

The temps are dropping, and winter is finally making her presence known. You may be considering swapping out your fresh face for the warmth of a beard. Before you do, it's good to be reminded of beard basics. So, let’s talk grooming.

Know Your Beard Style

Know Your Style

There are many options for how to trim your beard while keeping it stylish. Beards should reflect your personality and are executed best when there is an end goal in mind. Here are a few options depending on the desired beard length.

While it's not necessarily clean cut, a low to medium stubble beard can portray the message of a mature but easy going guy. Not to mention, it makes most mornings a lot easier. If you need to clean it up for work or any other reason, you can easily shave your neck precisely with your Single Edge razor.

I hate to break it to you, but if a nice, thick beard hasn't began to show after two weeks without shaving, then a classic beard is probably not the one for you to shoot for. If your 5 o'clock shadow has no problem making it's appearance, the next step is to clean it up. While it’s not a necessity for just stubble, a thick, full beard does require routine maintenance to keep it clean, especially lining up your cheeks, jaw and neck. Also, be sure to condition, massage and oil your beard for best results. 

These are just a few of the many variations of beards that are popular and in style. If you’re just letting your beard do it's thing, more power to you! Just be sure to massage and hydrate your beard consistently.


Know Your Tools

Now that we know the beard we're shooting for, let's discuss the tools needed. Precision is the key to trimming a beard line, and the Single Edge will make it much easier to trim your beard accurately compared to cartridge counterparts. Don’t believe me? Let’s look at this logically.

A multi blade razor is exactly what it sounds like, a razor with two to five blades. Try shaving a straight line with this many blades while your razor is perpendicular, and it get's tricky. During your shave, you don’t know where the multiple blades are shaving, which blades are actively shaving hairs while the others are touching bare skin, or how much of your beard is being removed. And let’s be honest, everyone has run into the issue of skin irritation from cartridge razors when cleaning their beard line up.

Instead, the Single Edge is a total game changer. With one blade, you only have to keep track of, line up, and shave with the single blade installed in your razor! This allows you to know exactly what your blade is doing during the shave and in turn, it minimizes the possibility of painful shave mistakes.

The Single Edge

The Prep Work

Just like you would with any other shave, you want to start with a warm shower or damp towel to soften up your hair and open up the pores on your face. This allows your growth to be in prime cutting position and will also minimize the amount of work your razor has to perform.

Then, take your Ultra Lather Shaving Cream (or other quality shave cream) and whip up a nice, thick protective lather. Apply it to the areas you are wanting to shave and line up.

Trimming Your Beard

Grab your trusty Single Edge, it's time to shave. Place the head of the razor on the surface of your skin and tilt 10-15 degrees to find the proper angle. Remember, you should NEVER have to use pressure using the Single Edge. It should feel like you are literally sweeping the hairs away with the weight of the solid stainless steel razor.

First, shave the larger neck and cheek areas you don’t want hair growth on. Swap to a sensitive setting for your neck if you tend to have more sensitive skin in this region. As you get closer to your beard, take slower, shorter strokes to create an even line up.

The Follow Up

Once everything is lined up and looking clean, rinse your face with cold water to calm your skin. Grab a nice, clean towel and pat your beard nice and dry. Add the perfect finish with a post shave product like our Healing Post Shave. Ingredients like aloe and witch hazel will tone and sooth your beard.

Now that you’re trimmed up, time to conquer the day. And if you have an exceptional talent for growing a wicked beard, you better believe we want to see it. Make sure to tag us @supply on any social accounts.