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Warehouse Deals

Regular price $29 Sale price $19 Save $10


Warehouse deals are up to 50% off retail and are final sale (no returns or exchanges).  Please read the full description of what you'll be getting when purchasing one of these products.

All warehouse deals come with minor aesthetic defects, but are functionally flawless. These products were received from the factory with minor scratches, dings, or blemishes. Unfortunately, we're not able to sell them at full price, but they're a steal at the rates we offer them. 

Warehouse deals are final sale. We cannot offer refunds, returns or exchanges. If something is wrong that is clearly our fault, we'll make it right.

Warehouse deals may or may not include original packaging. If packaging is included, chances are it will be slightly damaged.

All razors come with a pack of 8 blades (just like full-price razors). Promo codes do not work with warehouse deals.

We cannot "pick" a specific item out of the warehouse and/or send you pictures of specific defects. That said, the only complaint we've ever received on our warehouse deals was from a customer who said he felt duped because he couldn't find a scratch anywhere on the razor he received. You'll be very pleased.

Check back often as inventory is updated, and feel free to contact us with any specific questions.

Customer Reviews

Based on 148 reviews
D. M.
What a steal

I saw nothing wrong with the brush I ordered as a warehouse deal. Either the problem was fixed or it’s so minor that I don’t notice it.

Hey D! So glad to hear that our Warehouse Deals are almost blemish-free. We work hard to provide you with the best products out there and even when it comes to refurbished items, we really care about the quality and presentation. Thanks for being part of the Supply family!

James Daly
Almost perfect

Condition is almost perfect, bar a few shallow scuffs that you could put down to shipping if Supply didn’t have consistently great quality

Orion F.
Amazing products!

I originally just needed a good shaving brush and was directed to supply by some review articles. After searching through their stuff I decided to try the razor and shave lather as well. Wow I won't be using anything else from here on out! I switched to DE safety razors a couple years ago and while I've loved them over cartridge razors, the blades were a bit too aggressive sometimes at first and they would clog very easily. With supply, I having had clogging and nicks have virtually disappeared. The blades are sharp but not so aggressive all the way through each shave per blade (about 8 shaves per blade but could do more). Supply has made shaving way more enjoyable of a morning ritual. Thank you!


Warehouse items were in great shape. I couldn’t find any flaws

Value for money

Warehouse deal items were as good as new and a great value for money..

Erick Leyva
Great deals

Looks and works great love the price even more!!

Philip Richardson
Excellent bowl

This is an excellent bowl which keeps the lather very warm. I got it as a Warehouse deal and I couldn’t see any defects with the product. Highly recommend!

Thomas Scott
Stick with It + Razor Stand

I was initially skeptical of Supply. Shark Tank participation is more a negative to me than a positive, because the show is so fake. And after my first shave, I was ready to return my razor and move on. But I gave the product a few more shaved, and in doing so developed a better feel for the tool. I’m now loving it. Most recently, I got a razor stand, which not only looks good but is keeping my blades dry so they last linger.

Blade vs. Cartridge

Many years back when I switched to a cartridge from a safety razor I was able to minimized cutting my face, and I got a pretty good shave. Today I'm happy to report that with the Supply injector razor, no more cuts, and a Great shave. It took me a while to adapt to the blade as a lot less pressure is needed compared to a cartridge. I am now getting a much better shave with a single blade Supply razor.

James Kender
Warehouse Razor Stand

Saved $10 on a razor stand and if I didn't know it was a warehouse special, I would have never known the difference. Quality is perfect.