How This Former Aerospace Engineer Revolutionized Shaving


It started with jets...

A jet flying

Patrick Coddou worked as an engineer for Lockheed-Martin designing fighter jets for seven years before making the leap into entrepreneurship. But why a razor? You’d think a guy with his background would develop an app or work on something more technical. Patrick knows better than most men the amount of precision required for a smooth shave. Shaving used to be the worst part of his day. He’s dealt with sensitive skin since his teens and had never found a razor that didn’t leave his face covered in that red razor burn and his jawline littered with ingrown hairs. He would spend his mornings at Lockheed hiding behind his desk, waiting for the redness to calm down.


He began searching for solution

Multi blade razor cutting razor below the surface of the skin causing ingrown hairs

When he started looking for a solution, he found out the multi-blade razors he’d been using since high school were actually the cause of all his shaving problems. He learned they were cutting his hair below the surface of the skin. The multiple blades pulled and cut his hair until it was so short it fell below the surface after the last blade passed. It’s a process called hysteresis. Patrick called it the reason for the embarrassing irritation and bumps he had to deal with every morning. Eventually he was gifted a single blade injector razor and he loved it. The blade didn’t pull the hair as it shaved. And he loved the way his skin looked and felt after every shave. He was hooked. He started buying every single blade razor he could find. Shaving forums, eBay, Amazon. Patrick became a collector overnight.



He found inspiration

A schik injector razor lying on a surface

The problem was all these razors were decades old. One he found was almost 100 years old. The handles were a little too short, the head would lose the blade sometimes and the shave angle was awkward. He’d have to hold his elbow out at a 90 degree angle to get it right. So, he decided to take all that fighter jet engineering precision and design his own. He used his original Schick Injector Razor as inspiration and created his first single edge razor. That’s how Supply got started.


Meet the Supply SE

Supply SE Razor - NickStop Technology

He made the Supply SE to be the safety razor that opens the door to single edge shaving for everyone.
He lived through his own safety razor learning curve. He knows what it’s like to deal with the nicks and cuts that come with switching to safety razors.
He designed the SE to flatten that curve so men everywhere could enjoy the quality of a single edge shave. The SE introduces NickStopTM Technology to the world. It’s driven by 16 precision fins that will lift and guide your hair to the blade while protecting your skin from nicks and cuts. You can safely and confidently use it to shave all the difficult angles of your face (or your body) and not have to worry about razor burn on your face or blood in your sink.

If it’s not hard-working, long-lasting, and ruggedly handsome—we don’t make it.

Tired of products that consistently under-perform and constantly break down, we set out to build a brand that does things differently. Run by a small husband & wife led team, we operate lean, design in-house, and craft iconic everyday essentials using the world’s finest materials. If it’s not hard working, long lasting, and ruggedly handsome - we don’t make it.

We design and develop every product from scratch with an obsessive dedication to quality, durability, and functionality. The result? Nothing but the best products on the market that we're proud to put our names on.

We've made it our mission to not only offer the best products on the market, but to also inspire a community around doing things the right way - even when the right way isn’t the easiest. In 2015, Supply launched with a line of shaving and grooming essentials, and today we continue to make exceptional products that deliver nothing but the best to our customers around the world.

Patrick and Jennifer Coddou

Co-Founders & Co-CEOs