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The Single Edge SE
Jeremy Blank
Give it a shot

When I first started using Supply razors, i nicked myself every now and then because I was new to single edge razors. I know it can ne intimidating but you gotta try this one. The SE is fantastic for newbs like me. I have yet to nic myself and my face feels amazing after the shave. I actually enjoy it and I look forward to shaving everyday. The SE provides full satisfaction. So if you're new to single blades, start here.

I cannot explain the joy that your product has just brought me.

Over the last five or six years I’ve had horrible razor burn, ingrown hairs, and overall distressed skin on my neck from shaving. I’ve been to four different dermatologists at two different practices and they were never able to help. I basically fell into the thinking that my skin would simply look like garbage for the first 6 hours after a shave, and that If I had to look presentable it would have to be timed correctly.

I just unboxed your product and used it, and at 27 years old I think I finally found the razor for me. I’m so happy I think I could cry. My face is hair and distress free, which is something I never thought would be possible at the same time.

So thank you, I think you’ve made a customer for life.

Never going back!

There was a bit of a learning period for me but the videos really helped me get the technique down. I will NOT go back to my old way of shaving. The SE is 100x better and the company is extremely helpful with any questions!

Grip Sleeve
John Lawyer
Pro, sleeve, bowl,and case

Everything is great

Marble Shaving Bowl
Great Bowl!

Beautiful shaving bowl. Great colors throughout the bowl. Looks great on the Marble Tray. Lathers up really well. Retains heat to help keep your preferred shave Cream warm.

Single Edge razor

High quality and a super smooth shave

It’s worth it. The hype is real. Full control.

I constantly had razor bumps from shaving. I bought a safety razor and loved it, but I had issues getting a clean shave with the contours on my neck. Just couldn’t get those hard to reach spots and would end up getting nicked on a second or third pass. I bought the pro starter kit because I wanted full control of my shave (the adjustment dial) and a pre shave regimen with the brush. It worked. I no longer have any issues shaving. Razor bumps are gone, no nicks, with a great pre and post shave regimen. I warm my neck up with warm water using the brush, then apply the shaving cream and it’s really helped my sensitive skin respond to the shave. The head of the razor is smaller than a traditional safety razor so it gets into those contours without any razor bumps. Overall, when paired with the brush, best razor I’ve ever used and won’t be looking back. My only issue is single blade razors don’t keep you clean shaven for long. I believe that comes with the territory of using a single blade to avoid razors bumps, so you do shave more often. But it’s worth it if I can prevent razor bumps. Note: my order was delayed weeks because they didn’t have the color I ordered. Customer service was fantastic in assisting me.

New Supply customer

Quite pleased with all of my new Supply SE, shaving cream, aftershave and travel case. Case is very well made and high quality. No complaints at all with the quality of products. Remember to order a no grip handle when you order your new razor. My only complaint is Supply struggles with stock availability and their shipping times need to improve. But for the quality and absolutely the best shave ever a little pain is okay shipping wise and I’m confident they’ll improve in this area. I’m all in with Supply!

The Single Edge Pro
Daniel Birklin
A solid razor

I have had the SE and decided to try the Pro since it’s adjustable. I don’t know if it’s the razor itself or my technique has improved, but I find I get a better shave with less irritation with the Pro. I do have to do 2 passes with both razors (with and across the grain) and finish with a touch up to get the best possible shave. Regardless, I really enjoy both razors, and plan on keeping them in service of the foreseeable future.

Single Edge Razor Stand
Sameer Kenkare
Loved the razor and the razor stand

It was fairly easy to go from my regular razor to supply. I was a little hesitant after my purchase but couldn’t be happier. Patrick and team at customer obsessed and ensure you have the best experience.

The Single Edge SE
Randall Wickman
Not Your Grandpa’s Single Blade

I really like my new Supply Single Edge razor. I have been a multi-blade user ever since I started shaving 40 years ago. I have always struggled with bumps and ingrown hairs. Two weeks with my new Supply SE and the skin and whisker troubles are going away. I’m a fan!

Great product with a quick learning curve

Such a smooth shave! I’m super impressed and only wish I would have bought it sooner. I’ll be buying another handle for my wife - she loves it too :)

Love it!

Solid product! Exactly what I had hoped it would be, great job peeps!

The Single Edge SE
Karl Anderson
Excited for a nick free shave

A close shave that doesn’t leave nicks and irritation

The SE Starter Set
JIm Tomaszek
Excellent and smooth shave

No skin being scraped and red after this shave

The Single Edge SE
Theodore Kamenecka
Supply SE razor

Really surprised! Have always shaved with twin, or triple blade disposables, but hated shaving. Always left nicks or ingrown hairs. First time using a single blade, and I think I will not be returning this razor. So far, so good. No cuts.Takes some getting used too. Wish there were more options for the injectable razor blades.

The Skin Essentials Set
Christopher Manning
Excellent set of products

I've ordered the moisturizer before and been really please so thought I would try the whole set this time. Was not disappointed really excellent set of products that feel really good and so much better than the big brands I used before. 100% recommend

The Single Edge SE
Jeffrey McCathern
New Customer

I've been using the SE for two weeks now. Absolutely enjoy the close shave. I was worried about edge detailing but it's not a problem. Excellent razor!!

Great purchase

I loved this. Great decision to buy :)

The Single Edge SE
Michael Freels
Better late than never!

Why, oh why, oh why, did I not buy this SE razor sooner?! I'm a Harry's refugee and I'm never looking back. GREAT razor. I think the Pro razor is in my future...

Smooth as silk

I was so impressed with the mild, yet effective performance of my razor I plucked up the courage to go against the advice of the design team and I went “down under” - I’m usually quite fearless but I have to admit to feeling a little shaky. I needn’t have worried though, it all ended well and everything still works perfectly, including the razor! I’m impressed with the blades too by the way, they can handle some serious undergrowth!

The Single Edge SE
regis haberkorn
After 4 shaves. I am finally getting it

I love the idea and i know i will enjoy it. But i am not yet 100% comfy with it and experience a few tucks here and there. But it is a beauty and i am sure will be great soon

Best Razor I have ever owned

I have to shave a lot for school and this razor is excellent. I never get cut and it shaves really close. I would recommend this to anyone who wants a razor that will last with out spending a lot.

Can't believe it

As a long time multi-blade user, I wasn't sure how going backwards would be. Well, should have done it a long time ago. Great shave and the pro feels great in my hand.

Age Defense Eye Cream
Ian Stopforth
Age Defense Eye Cream

Great product in that it is not greasy. It spreads easily and treats the soft skin around one’s eyes with a lovely silky feel.