TSA Travel Tips for your Shaving Gear

TSA Travel Tips for your Shaving Gear

The holidays are coming and for many that means traveling. We put together an all inclusive guide for how to travel with your Supply gear and where to pack it. You'll be flying through security in no time.

We spent months meticulously designing travel gear that would not only organize your gear on the go, but also look handsome while doing it. We took our prototypes all around the world to make sure it was durable and effective. The result? Two amazing full-grain leather products that will upgrade your next adventure.



Single Edge Travel Case

Full grain leather, inside and out, our Single Edge Travel Case is a secure way to store your Single Edge for your next adventure. Fits great in carry-on luggage, just make sure there is no blade installed inside your razor, as it will be confiscated. If you're packing it in a checked bag, your blade pack and blade will be just fine stored inside the case.

The Everyday Dopp

If you're a frequent flyer, our Everyday Dopp is perfect for holding and organizing all of your essentials, and we're not just talking about shave gear. From toiletries to your charges, the Everyday Dopp is the perfect travel companion when you're on the go.



The Single Edge

Our razor is allowed in your carry-on luggage as long as there isn't a blade loaded in your razor. TSA won't allow any safety razor blades to be transported in a carry-on, and the blades that are compatible with our Single Edge is included in that category. 

Just be sure to take your blade out before putting the razor in your carry-on bag. The worst that will happen is TSA confiscates the blade out of your razor or any blade packs in your carry-on and then sends you on your way.

If you're storing your razor in your checked bag, no need to remove the blade from the razor. Your razor and blades should arrive at your destination with no problem!

Healing Post Shave

That's right! Our Healing Post Shave is allowed in your carry-on luggage since the spray bottle is below the 3.4 oz limit.

Ultra Lather Shaving Cream

For the most part, TSA hasn't given customers trouble about our 4 oz. Ultra Lather Shaving Cream jar. There have been a couple of instances, so if you'd like to be safe, we recommend transferring your desired amount to a smaller travel jar.

Our Marble Accessories

All of our marble accessories are able to be carried on with no issue. However, the solid marble construction has some heft to it, so be forewarned that they might add some extra weight to your bag.


Say what? We offer Supply merchandise on our store now. Shameless plug: our new gear will keep you warm and fashionable on your upcoming trips or next staycation. Rep Supply wherever you go!



Injector Blade Packs

TSA will not allow safety razor blades to be carried through security, in the blade pack or installed on your Single Edge. For that fact, we recommend checking your injector blade pack when you travel. If you happen to own our Single Edge Travel Case, a pack of blades will fit beside your razor and travel with ease.

Have questions still about traveling with your gear? Contact us here. We'd love to help!

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