The Only Way to Travel with your Single Edge

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You're packing for a trip and want to take your Single Edge along for the journey, but you’re afraid to pack it in your toiletry bag with all your other gear. Makes sense - you don’t want to risk banging up it's finish or damage the blade you have installed. Don't worry - we got your back.

Say hello to our Single Edge Travel Case.

The Single Edge Travel Case

Full Grain Leather

The Single Edge Travel Case is custom designed for your Single Edge razor and hand crafted from full-grain leather. If you're not a leather expert, it might surprise you that not all leather is the same. There are actually five different types of leather quality. If you were to rank them in order from most durable to least, it would be full-grain, corrected, split suede, nubuck sueded grain, and bonded leather. 

So, when we casually say our Single Edge Travel Case is constructed from full-grain leather and lined with the same, it's not some fancy marketing spill. This leather is built to last and more importantly, protect your Single Edge while still looking good.

Additional Materials

Our amazing manufacturer is located in the leather capital of the world and known for superior quality. Each case is sewn with industrial strength polyester thread and assembled with custom spec'd YKK zippers. Before shipping out, every travel case has all of it's leather edges painted for durability and aesthetics.

Whether you're a frequent traveler or not, we've created a beautiful and functional case for the Single Edge in which you can be proud to store your razor.

The Design

The Single Edge Travel Case, backed by our 100 Year Warranty, is built to outlive you. Even with it’s compact size, the case can easily store a pack of blades plus your Custom Shave Settings without ruining the integrity of the material. Just grab a case, and you’ll have all the hardware you need to get that epic shave on the road.

Added bonus: the smell. If only websites had this feature, because the smell of this premium leather is one that will make you pause and inhale. If you're looking for a gift, the Single Edge Travel Case is a perfect accessory to the razor and available in three leather finishes: Bourbon, Dark Brown and Midnight Black.

The Reviews

“The travel case looks great, just like on the pictures. The leather is of good quality and feels great in my hands. Totally worth buying!” - Marco V.

"I was back and forth about buying this for months. I now feel like I could be a spokesperson for this company. The case is AMAZING and fits the razor like a glove." - Majed G.

“Everything from Supply is of the highest quality. This travel case is no exception. I will definitely be buying this case and the razor for holiday gifts.” - Kevin S.

“Very nicely built. Can actually fit both settings and pack of blades in it with the handle. Love it!” - Jeremy R.

Our customers loved The Single Edge Travel Case so much, in fact, that we didn’t just stop there. If you are a fan of our razor travel case, think of that same leather in a premium toiletry bag. Designed to effortlessly organize everything, our Everyday Dopp carries all of your essential gear from the bathroom, to the boardroom, and even the backcountry, making it the perfect complement for your travels.