Taking Care of Our Planet: One Shave at a Time

How bad can disposable razors be for the environment? Seems harmless, but the facts could not be any more opposite or alarming. 

The average disposable razor lasts around 6-9 shaves, after which the blade has dulled and is destined for the trash bin. An average person who shaves daily could go through around 40-50 disposable razors in just one year. And that's just one year.

Since most disposable razors are made of a mixture of plastic and metal, it's hard to separate the two, making it incredibly difficult to recycle and at a high cost.

Imagine for a second if everyone took up plastic free shaving. More than 3 billion disposable razors would be eliminated from our landfills. 3 billion with a B. And that's not all. The magnitude of CO2 emissions eliminated in our air would have a lasting impact. 

Got your attention? Here's how we can do better.

Choose a razor that lasts.

In a world that keeps preaching cheaper is better, the opposite couldn't be more true. And we feel it with every purchase we make. Not only is it increasing the size of our landfills, but disposable razors are designed to underperform and constantly break down after just a few shaves.

Choosing a razor made out of sustainable materials will keep it out of the trash and can even be more enjoyable. We recommend looking for razors made with all metal construction for their ease in recycling.

Our Supply SE and Supply Pro are made from a solid zinc alloy version. Both come with a 100 year warranty, and we back it up. And if for some reason either of them should need to be retired early, you can safely recycle both versions of the razor in your recycling bin.

We believe that less is more. That better is worth it.

Pay attention to your blade refills.

Plastic disposable razors are not the only culprit in clogging our landfills. The plastic blade refills are just as much to blame. Many razor companies purposely design their blades to dull after just a few shaves, causing you to come back and purchase more refills that often come with a hefty price tag.

Our stainless steel injector blades last on average between 5-10 shaves with even some of our customers getting upwards of 15 shaves from a single blade. The blade is twice as thick as double edge blades and comfort coated, leaving you with an incredibly close and comfortable shave.

Even better, a three month supply of 8 blades come loaded in a pack with a disposal slot to store used blades. Once the pack has been depleted, you can safely recycle the entire pack in your bin. No loose blades.

Change the culture.

It's time to stop settling for mediocre shaves and adding to plastic waste. There's no need for extra blades and cheap, plastic construction. Invest once and reap a lifetime of epic shaves. Your face will thank you.