Supply HQ Grand Opening Recap


We did it. We officially opened up our Supply HQ and threw a party to celebrate. We loved seeing everyone local who showed up to see our space. In case you missed it, here's a brief recap and tour.

Our Showroom

The Space

This building was once a CrossFit gym. Then, it became a temporary car detail shop after a crazy hail storm hit surrounding neighborhoods. Now, it's a showroom slash office slash warehouse for an e-commerce grooming and wellness brand. Normal, right?

When we moved in, the space was a big white box. To section it off, we built out two gray faux walls that would hide our warehouse and private office space in the back. As you enter the front door, you'll see our showroom area on the left. We used raw cedar 4x4 to display all of our products at eye level. Let's just say our miter saw is our new best friend.

In the middle of our space, we have a lounge area and workstation with tons of space for taking care of business. Literally. Our friends over at Oxford Pennant helped us bring our vision for the banner above our couch to real life, and they knocked it out of the park.

Patrick came across this quote by Marcus Aurelius a few weeks ago, and we felt that it not only anchors our lounge area, but what we believe in for our brand. It's our hope we inspire men to action and to be just that: good men.

The back area of our space has a massive conference table for all of the conferencing we do. All joking aside, we love having a space to host people, whether it be for a quick meeting or simply a place to get work done.

We have absolutely loved throwing open the garage door on the recent beautiful spring days here in Texas. We apologize in advance to our neighbors for cranking the tunes.

Our Grand Opening Recap

Now - for the main event. This past Thursday we opened our space to the public to show off the space. There was food. There were drinks. And there was even more fun.

We set out six mystery scents for guests to vote on. Little did they know that they were helping us select a future scent for our products. We got some great feedback, and you'll see the resulting decision in the near future!

There were also some epic giveaways available: $20 to Melt Ice Creams, FW branded gear by Fort Worth Locals, an amazing candle by Calyan Wax Co., and even a Single Edge razor.

In addition, we had two great companies host pop-ups at our event: Fort Worth Locals and this is davi.  Davi also sponsored a local artist Joshua Martinez to live paint throughout the event. The resulting painting was then given away to one of our lucky attendees.

All in all, it was a great event. As an e-commerce company, we miss out on the personal interactions that traditional companies are able to have with their customers. Getting to meet you in person has quickly become one of our favorite things, so if you're ever in the DFW area, don't be a stranger.

Supply HQ is open Monday - Friday 9-5 PM and on Saturdays by appointment only. You can visit us at 2914 Stanley Avenue Ste 104, Fort Worth, TX 76110. We look forward to seeing you!