Single Edge vs. Electric Razors


One of the most frequent questions we receive about the Single Edge is "how does it shave compared to my ___?" Whether you are a seasoned wetshaving veteran or have always used convenience store plastic razors, the Single Edge is for everyone. This blog is part of an ongoing series where we compare the Single Edge to popular razors.

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The first known "razor" for men was a clam. You read that right - a clam. Men would take clam shells and scrape off the hair. And you think you had an issue with razor burn. We've come a long way since the clam days to electrically charged razors, pivoting heads, and all the frills.

Before discovering the Single Edge, our founder used to use electric razors daily to get his shave. Then, once he discovered a vintage Schick single blade razor, the days of the electric razor were no more. To read more of that story, check out The Single Edge Origin Story here.

So why is our Single Edge better than the electric razor alternative? Glad you asked. Here's what convinced Patrick to go all in on the Single Edge.

 Single Edge vs. Electric Razors

A Closer Shave

Electric razors are notorious for leaving behind stubble and patches of hair, causing you to go over the same spot repeatedly to get a clean shave. Even after multiple passes, the shave is not nearly as efficient compared to any traditional safety razor.

There is also far more precision and control over your shave when using the Single Edge, especially when it comes to trimming up a beard or side burns. Plus, the sharpness of injector razor blades provide a close shave that electric razors just can’t match.


Keeps Skin Hydrated

One of the biggest complaints about using an electric razor is how much it dries out your skin. The “wet” in wetshaving is a beneficial concept crucial to protecting your skin from irritation.

Dried out skin creates the perfect scenario for heavy irritation. Imagine taking multiple passes, which is standard with an electric razor, over areas not shaved initially. While preparing for a shave with a safety razor may seem a bit more time consuming than electric razors, it’s a favorable trade-off to the painful, irritated and dried out skin from it's counterpart.



Electric razors tend to get clogged easily from shaving over an extended period of time. They also tend to be a hassle to clean, even with the right tools. Plus - if you don't clean or fix a problem with the electric razor right away, you could end up damaging your product for good.

In contrast, the Single Edge rinses with ease, so you are back shaving in no time. Also, the three piece design allows you to completely disassemble the razor for those times you would like to go the extra mile in cleaning your grooming gear. 




Electric razors are a pretty expensive upfront cost, and there’s much more needed to keep them running. Replacement parts and cleaning cartridges come with a hefty price tag and aren't always universally available since different electric razors have cleaners and parts proprietary to their specific design.

While you might follow up with the statement that the Single Edge also comes with a large upfront cost, your money is quickly saved after your first year of shaving. Since our blade packs last up to six months of shaving, you'll be spending around $20 a year for replacement blades, for the rest of your life. Plus, the blades we sell on our site are not proprietary to our Single Edge and widely available from major online retailers. Last, any standard injector blade is compatible with the Single Edge. Win. Win.


If you've been using an electric razor with mediocre shaves just because it's what you know, maybe it's time for a switch. See why Financial Times calls the Single Edge "the single blade razor that's a cut above". 

Added bonus - each order qualifies for our 100 day trial and 100 year warranty. Say what! No risk.