How To Shave Your Legs With The Single Edge

One of the top FAQs we get on our social media accounts is if the Single Edge is able to shave other parts of the body. Head, arms, legs, you name it.

While most of our advertisements only show face shaving, the truth is that a single blade razor like the Single Edge is extremely effective at shaving legs. Not only will it drastically reduce any issues of razor burn, irritation or ingrown hairs, but it is also extremely intuitive use and find the proper blade angle.

Here's our quick reference guide on how to get the best leg shave out of your Single Edge.

Lather Up

The Single Edge will shave extremely close at the surface of your skin. Since your legs have a very thin layer of skin between your razor and bone structures, it's very important to lather up thick.

We're not talking oil, water, or even your hair conditioner. Grab a quality shaving cream, filled with skin-nourishing ingredients, and whip up a thick lather for your legs. Added bonus, if you apply your shaving cream with a shave brush, you'll exfoliate and prep hairs at the same time. Hello, multi-tasking.

Find The Angle

Shaving with a Single Edge will feel incredibly intuitive if you've shaved your legs before. That being said, if you don't have the correct blade angle on your skin, your razor will either cut zero hair or give you unwanted nicks.

To find the proper angle, place the head of the razor (a fancy way of saying the part where the blade is) flat against your leg. Then, rotate backwards or towards you 5-10 degrees. You may need to experiment to find the proper angle. But good news - once you do, the muscle memory will set in and smooth sailing.

Short, Light Strokes

Here's where you may have to adjust your technique. Once your properly lathered and have found the right blade angle, you'll want to take short, light strokes to shave. The key words to focus in on here are: NO PRESSURE.

If multi-blade razors have taught us anything, especially in leg shaving, it's been the bad habit of pressing down during a shave to achieve a closer shave. This is not the answer and will only lead to pain and terrible effects on your skin.

The technique will feel like you are sweeping away the hair with the Single Edge. Think about shaving a balloon and how much pressure you would apply. Then, use that same amount of pressure during your shave. If you need a closer shave, then bump up to a more aggressive shave setting. 


No more ashy skin. There's nothing worse than ruining a close shave with dried out skin. There's a few ways to take care of your skin after a shave, but the main point is that you do take care of it.

Post shave products aren't just for beards. Your legs can benefit from the same ingredients and perks they offer. Our Healing Post Shave is aloe vera based and mixed with toning witch hazel to heal your skin and restore it. Plus our alcohol free formula will do the exact opposite from drying out your skin.

Another option is to use a moisturizer. We developed our Multi-Purpose Moisturizer with a special scrutiny given to the ingredients that make up our water-free formula. We load ours with super powerful, plant-based ingredients that leave skin supple without being greasy.