The Single Edge Starter Set

Perfect Shave. One Package.

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The Single Edge Starter Set includes everything you need to get the best shave of your life. The hardware and the skincare. Uncomplicated, unrivaled.

Coastal (Bergamot, Cedar & Oakmoss)
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What's included
What's included


The Single Edge 2.0

Designed to give you the best shave of your life. Easy for beginners. Suitable for all skin types.


8 Blades, A 3-Month Supply

Our razor accepts non-proprietary "injector" style blades. Easy to change, safe to handle. Each blade lasts 5-10 shaves.


3 Custom Shave Settings

No more one-shave-fits-all. Adjust the blade exposure to customize your shave. Every razor comes with three proprietary shave settings.
The Hardware
The Hardware

More blades, more problems.

Don’t believe the hype.

Our single blade cuts hair precisely at the surface of your skin without leaving bumps or nicks. Custom shave settings come in 3 levels—Sensitive, Comfortable, and Ultra Close—allowing you to adjust the blade exposure to get the closest shave of your life, without requiring multiple passes over the skin. Close and comfortable, without the irritation.
Also Included
Also Included

Super Concentrated, Long Lasting

Ultra Lather Shaving Cream

Build a thick lather for the ultimate, irritation-free shave. Made with the best ingredients.

A Refreshing Post Shave Ritual

Healing Post Shave

The alcohol-free formula hydrates and nourishes. Goodbye dryness and irritation.

Handcrafted Faux Ox Horn

Silvertip Synthetic Shave Brush

Perfectly designed to build a rich, protective lather.
The Skincare
The Skincare

The Skincare

Simply. The best.

Our products contain only the finest all-natural ingredients, with an emphasis on those that are organic, sustainable, and food-grade. Each ingredient is included for a therapeutic reason - we do not use fillers or unnecessary chemicals. Every batch is made by hand in the USA using custom formulas and premium fragrances. Face it. It’s time to upgrade your morning ritual.

Customer Reviews

Based on 1089 reviews
Heft Engenders Confidence

I didn’t expect the razor to have such weight, having used Schick injector razors in the past that were a lot light. While I did order the additional shave settings, I found that the #2 setting was just right. And it shaves like most Schicks: just place the head flat against the shave and shave. I got clean shaves with no cuts; highly recommended.

Form factor and function

This is by the far the very best I’ve seen in form factor design and functionality. Keep up the good Patrick and Jennifer!&

Clean and edgy product line!

Quality sums it up. Took me a couple try’s to get it down right with my very corse beard. Watched the videos and just went at it. Love the feel and the line is solid. Only thing is, how do I shave my head with this? Not able to see the back of my head may pose a problem, lol. As of now still using my old 5 blade for the head. Was gonna purchase the other shark tank product the lawn mover that does body sculpting and head. Any help Patrick would be cool. Cheers.

Phenomenal Razor

The Single Edge 2.0 is an exceptional razor.

While I’ve dabbled with similar razors in the past, they always left me with razor burn and buyer’s remorse. Not this time.

One of a kind

The future is here
Best razor out there, well made.
Now I owned 2

Extremely Satisfied Customer

I had used my previous injector razor for 45 years, and been looking for a couple of years for what I felt was a sufficient replacement. Having now found and purchased Supply's 2.0, I am thrilled with the quality of the razor and have been nothing but impressed with the vision and support service of the company.

Where Have You Been All My Life?

I'm one of those rare birds (or perhaps not) who has very thick, coarse facial hair and very sensitive skin. So, finding the right shaving combination has been a lifelong journey... going from 2, to 3, to 4, to 5, to 6 blades, thinking more was the solution, when single edge was really what I should have been doing all along! Right away, I noticed a night-and-day difference in the closeness of the shave and the comfort on my skin, as well as a decreased frequency of how often I need to shave. The learning curve wasn't nearly as complicated as I'd expected -- just remember, lather, lather, lather, and APPLY NO PRESSURE, just let the blade do all the work and your life will be very easy. I did get a few nicks in the neck area, but nothing major and nothing that didn't go away immediately after rinsing and applying after-shave balm. I get about 10-14 days out of one blade, and I shave almost every day, though thanks to the wonder of single edge, that's gone down to almost every other day. It's a great product, and I'm incredibly happy that I've made the change.

Fantastic product

Love it it’s so easy first Time ,shave
So close and no cuts

I'm seriously impressed

I have been using a razorock slant edge razor for the last year or so with usually a feather blade. It has been ok but I get a lot of razor burn and it is too easy to cut myself.

This supply razor gives me as close of a shave but it is super comfortable, easy, and quick. I don't have to worry about razor burn and I get good results. My wife thought it was better, probably because of less irritation on the skin.

I'm amazed you could improve the razor that much over traditional razors

Took a few shaves

It took a few shaves to master it but now it is awesome, it will be the last razor I buy.