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Why is it time to go Pro?

More Settings > More Blades

5 blades. Lubricant Strips. Vibrating Handles. All unnecessary for a close shave. What you need is the 6 main settings and 30 micro-settings on the Supply Pro. You can make your shave as mild or aggressive as you want. Either way, there will be no stubble left behind.

You'll Only Cut Hair at the Surface

Most shaving problems happen when the razor cuts the hair below the surface of the skin. The Supply Pro only uses one extra sharp, stainless steel blade. So, you never cut too deep and your skin is left feeling smooth and healthy.

We Found the Perfect Angle

Other safety razors force you to hold your arm at an awkward angle for the blade to make contact with your skin. We wanted to avoid all that with the Supply Pro. All you need to do is place the “Supply” logo flat against your skin and you’re ready for a close, comfortable shave at an angle that easy and intuitive.  

Take Control of Your Shave

We put all the work in. Now you can customize your shave to your face with nothing more than a move of your thumb. Shave the way you want and you get your best shave every time you pick up your Supply Pro.

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Great razor and AMAZING support

Not only is the Single Edge Pro one of the best razors that I have used but the customer service is TOP NOTCH. Whenever I have a question some gets back to me quickly and with the pertinent information. Lifetime customer here!

John Euler

This is the way to go!

Wow! just wow. This razor is the bomb, love the weighted handle. no pressure needed for a close shave. I do recommend this shaving system over the multi-blades I have had in the past. Good bye harry's and good riddence DSC

Andrew Regal

Changed my mind on injectors

I’ve tried a few vintage injectors, and never been a fan. This razor changed that. Quick and efficient, and easy to use. The brush is nice. The metal handle helps retain heat from my scuttle. The scent on the cream and aftershave is nice. And, the lather produced gives nice cushion. Would definitely get it again.

Darren G.

Finally I can shave again!

I have extremely sensitive skin on my neck, so for the last few years I had just given up on shaving, and resorted to using clippers to trim my facial hair. Now that I have the SE, I can safely shave without the crazy breakouts and ingrown hairs. All of these products are made extremely well and work as advertised. After one shave, I knew that I was a fan and immediately ordered the stand and travel case (also awesome) to make things official. Just be aware that there is a learning curve, but with time, patience and watching a few tutorials, you’ll love this razor.

Steven Webb
Why Supply?
The Supply Single Edge Pro cost comparison with Gillette and Dollar Shave Club

Save Your Face, and Wallet

Our Japanese stainless steel Black Label Blades are 4X as thick as other blades. The cutting edge is finer and longer lasting. You can spend $8 on 8 blades that can give 8-10 shaves. Instead of paying $24 a month on cheap plastic cartridges that only last 3-4 shaves.

You're Guaranteed for Life

It’s basically an unstoppable force. But if your Pro runs into an immovable object (like your bathroom floor or Chuck Norris) we’ll gladly replace it. And that’s good for life. You could even pass it down to your grandchildren. Invest once and save forever.

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Save $21 on The Pro Starter Set

The Pro Starter Set

Everything you need for the perfect shave.

The Pro Starter Set

Everything you need for the perfect shave.

Regular price $189 Sale price $139 Save $50

What's Included:

➨ The Single Edge SE: Engineered to be the safe, easy Single Edge shave you’ve been looking for. Easy for beginners. Suitable for all skin types. Available in multiple Alloy finishes.

➨ Black Label Blade Pack: Injector Pack loaded with 8 super sharp blades. Easy to change, safe to handle. Each pack is about a 90-day supply — 8-10 shaves per blade.

➨ Ultra Lather Shaving Cream: Our super concentrated shave cream builds a thick lather for the ultimate, irritation-free shave. It comes in a 4 oz jar and requires a Shaving Brush to build a proper lather.

➨ Healing Post Shave: Heal and restore your skin after shaving with a refreshing blend of toning witch hazel and soothing aloe. Our alcohol-free formula is loaded with glycerin, aloe vera, and shea to calm sensitive skin post-shave or anytime.

➨ Silvertip Synthetic Shave Brush: Our hand-crafted shaving brush comes with our custom Silvertip Synthetic™ fibers and a polished acrylic handle. It's designed to whip up a cushiony, protective lather when paired with our Ultra Lather Shaving Cream.

PRO Razor +
FREE 90-Day Pack of Blades

The Single Edge Pro

It's time to dial in your shave.

The Single Edge Pro

It's time to dial in your shave.

Regular price $89

Pro Shavers, you deserve a safety razor that matches your ability. That’s exactly what the Single Edge Pro delivers.

The Single Edge Pro puts unrivaled customization in your practiced hands. Our shave dial lets you effortlessly adjust between 6 main settings and 30 micro-settings with a flick of your thumb. That’s less than 1mm of adjustment, allowing you to clean up stubble or mow down a thick, wiry beard with the expert precision you’ve been waiting for.  

What's the Shave Dial? Think of it like the electric clippers at your barber shop - changing the blade setting changes how close you cut. The different settings essentially change how much of the blade is visible, causing the difference in closeness of your shave. Our shave dial lets you effortlessly adjust between .7mm - 6 main settings and 30 micro-settings - with a flick of your thumb.

Why Alloy? Our razors are made from die-cast zinc alloy, coated with aerospace grade PVD chrome. It let's us offer you multiple finishes on your Single Edge razor.

What blades does it accept? The Single Edge accepts "injector" style blades. These are not proprietary to us and have been in production for over 100 years.

What makes the blades so great? They're twice as thick as modern and vintage razor blades, making them shave stronger and cut cleaner. Fun fact: injector blades were originally invented by Schick in the early 1900’s. They quickly developed a cult following as a safer alternative to the Gillette double edge blades.

How long do they last? Everybody changes out their blades at different intervals due to the fact that our skin, hair, and preferences are all different. That said, most customers easily get 8 to 10 shaves out of each blade. A single pack of eight blades can last up to three months if you shave 5-6 times a week.

Where do I buy them? We produce our own White Label and Black Label Blades,

Your Questions Answered

Multi-blade razors are designed to shave below the surface of your skin using a "pull and cut" method called hysteresis. This causes razor burn, bumps and irritation. The Single Edge is designed to shave at the surface of your skin, providing a close, comfortable, and irritation-free shave. We're so convinced you'll love the single blade shave that we offer a 100-day trial, and free shipping + returns to the US. You've got nothing to lose - give us a shot today!

16 fins drive our new Nickstop™ technology. They are precisely placed on the SE’s safety bar to lift and guide hair to the blade. They work with the bar to flatten your skin, creating a smooth surface for the blade to glide across. The result is a safe, smooth shave no matter where you’re shaving.  

Whether you shave with cheap disposables, modern multi-blades or traditional safety razors, the Single Edge is a serious upgrade to your morning shave and can help reduce irritation. Here's why:

It shaves at the surface of your skin. Multi-blade razors are designed to shave below the surface of your skin, pulling hairs up and cutting them too close. This causes irritation and ingrown hairs. The Single Edge is designed to shave at the surface of your skin, providing a close, comfortable, and irritation-free shave.

It requires no pressure when shaving. With multi-blade razors, you've probably found that you have to press the razor against your face while you shave. Here's the deal: you’re doing too much. You might think you’re achieving a closer shave, but in reality, you’re only creating an uneven surface to shave on, which won’t properly cut the hairs. But with the Single Edge, you want to think of it like you're sweeping the hair off your face - not scraping it off. The Single Edge perfects this and literally wipes the hair away. Your job is to simply guide the razor and it will do the rest.

Easy to clean in between passes. Every time you take a stroke while shaving, your blade accumulates shaving soap, hair, and skin. This build-up prevents your blade from getting that clean close shave every time and can also cause skin irritation. The Single Edge fixes this by being easy to clean in between shaves and never clogging up like multi-bladed cartridge razors.

We designed the razor for an excellent face and neck shave, but we do have many customers who love using our razor to shave their heads and Of course! We recommend it. We encourage it. It’s the first safety razor for every-body. Our Nickstop™ Technology means you can take this thing anywhere. This is the first time that everyone can experience a smooth, irritation-free shave all over their body with one razor.. Our biggest recommendation is that you perfect your technique on your face before moving to your head or start out with the sensitive shave setting. If you shave your body regularly though, you should check out the Single Edge SE.

No – and they never will be. The Single Edge accepts standard "injector" style blades. These blades have been in production for 100 years and can be easily purchased on our website, Amazon.com, and more. Each Single Edge Razor ships with a magazine of 8 stainless steel, American-made injector blades. A pack of blades typically lasts up to three months and only cost $0.75 per blade to replace.

We love using our products – and we think you will too. If you're not a fan, you can return your order within 100 days for a full refund, even if it's open and used.