Are Supply's New Razors Worth the Hype?

The Early Reviews Say "YES!"

"A razor that lives up to the hype!"

"I’ve tried some very “promising” razors over the last three years. It’s been surprising how hard it is to find a good single blade option that doesn’t require learning how to use it well, special blades, or just plain expensive.

Supply seems to have found the sweet spot. This razor is easy to use, very close shave and with a single blade that lasts more than 2-3 shaves. I think I may have finally found the razor I’ll stick with for several years." -Mark G

You Deserve a Better Shave

Supply was started in 2015 with the goal of turning single edge shaving into a movement. We realized the quality of a safety razor shave was far beyond anything you could get from a multi-blade razor. We want everyone to discover just how great their morning shave can be.

We loved our first two versions of the Single Edge and we’ll always stand by their quality. But we knew in order to blow the door open to single blade shaving, we needed two things: convenience and customization. The Single Edge SE gives you all the convenience of a multi-blade with all the quality of a Single Edge. The Single Edge Pro is here to put unrivaled customization in the palm of your hand. Skeptical?...

Ask the thousands of men and women who backed them on Kickstarter (and helped raise over $200K)

The early adopters showed up strong for the SE and Pro. Just the idea of safety razors that were convenient and customizable were enough to make this one of our most successful Kickstarter campaigns ever.

We were fully funded in under 2 hours and raised over $200,000 from over 2,000 backers. We think this is enough proof to say the release of the SE and Pro is one of the biggest moves we’ve ever seen in the razor industry. And, like we’ve always known, it didn’t require more blades, but less.

The Early Reviews Came Pouring In

We received hundreds of comments and requests from backers who wanted more details on NickStop Technology, our industry first 16 precision fins, and the dial on the Pro.

They couldn’t wait to get their hands on their SE or Pro (or both in some cases). And once they did, they weren’t disappointed.

"Supply gets it right. This new razor is pretty close to perfect. I have not cut or nicked myself with it and I have not shaved cautiously since I got it. You lay it against your face and stroke. That’s it.

It’s that effortless. I’ve been shaving 55+ years. This is how shaving always should have been and never was."

Say Your Last Goodbye to Nicks, Cuts and Razor Burn

We made the SE so you could experience shaving the way it was always meant to be. The SE is designed to give you the smoothest, safest shave you’ll ever get from a safety razor.

Our NickStop™ Technology is designed to protect your skin from cuts and nicks, and all but eliminate shaving irritation. It’s driven by 16 precision fins placed perfectly along the safety bar. There’s only enough space for hair and shaving cream between each fin. Your skin is protected and your hair is cut clean at the surface.

"Italian sports car? Nah! Get one of these instead! For me it’s the perfect shave! When I say shave I mean bliss! It’s more of wiping away your hair than grinding down your skin like other razors. I can quickly change the setting up or down in the areas I want to shave closer.

Want to go close to the skin on the side of your face and neck, then not as close by your mouth? No problem! You need one of these in your life! Trust me! It’s true shaving perfection!" -JEREMY P.

A Truly Custom Shave

We're always trying to improve, so we usually avoid the word "perfect". But we didn't say it, Jeremy did. So, we're going with it.

The dial on the Pro gives you convenient customization. It doesn't matter if you're shaving sensitive skin, or if you've got a face made of baseball glove leather, the Pro will shave the way you want every time. And our blades are so sharp, you'll want to skip the sports car and get these instead.

There’s no tugging. There’s no pulling. It’s like you’re sweeping the hair off your face. All you’re left with is a smooth finish and the confidence that only a great shave can give.

Are you ready for a better shave?

The only real way to know if the SE or Pro lives up to all the early hype is to get one for yourself. If you’ve been waiting for a convenient or customizable safety razor, this is your sign.

If you’re tired of dealing with all the problems of a multi-blade razor: bumps, razor burn, cuts, nicks and expensive blades, this is your moment.

But which Supply razor is right for you? If you've got 30 seconds, we'll show you.

Take our simple quiz and find your custom shaving solution. Either way, your perfect shave is waiting.