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Shave Essentials
Just happy!

I grew a beard in my mid 20's as shaving was almost a traumatic experience with irritations, bumps, ingrown hairs. It was looking so bad some days that it affected my self confidence. Then I enjoyed for almost 3 decades the full beard look; it was not trendy to have a beard when I started but it looked good on me, and I was very happy with it. Turning recently 50, I decided that it was time for a change and kept a moustache only. Shaving with multi blade razors was a better experience than 3 decades ago as my skin got less sensitive (probably a benefit of aging!) but still some redness and 1 or 2 ingrown hairs per week. I gave it a try with Supply, out of curiosity, after seeing some ads on IG. I bought the razor, bowl , shaving cream and post shave (using a shaving brush bought 30 years ago). After a week of shaving every day with the Single Edge 2.0, I was not convinced by the razor itself, as the result was worse than with my multi-blade one but I loved the shaving cream and post shave, as well as the bowl that was very effective to make a thick lather. After reading again the advice on the Supply website and getting in touch with the nice Supply Helpdesk, I realized that I was probably putting too much pressure on the razor. After a week of skin rest and a new blade, I tried again, slowly and carefully. And I must say that a kind of miracle happened; although shaving now every week days, my skin is clean, neat and free of any irritation or bumps. It has been already a month now and I am still using the sensitive skin setting; will probably try the comfortable setting soon but I am very happy with the results with the sensitive skin setting. A long story short: try it, prepare well your skin (this is actually extremely enjoyable to make the lather and apply it with a brush on the skin) and take your time, be careful. You will not regret it. Shaving is now the first pleasurable moment of my days. Frederick, a very happy and loyal customer.

The Single Edge 2.0
Philip Wachowski
Close shave. Obsessed with shaving.

I used to let some scruff grow because I would always get ingrown hairs and irritation from my 5 blade razor.
Now I shave every other day, with no problems. Had some knicks the first time I used it but I learned quick and now really love this razor!

The Single Edge 2.0
Paul Shaffer
Stainless Razor

Thoroughly enjoying the shave. Day 1 - didn’t put enough lather (so pulled a bit). Day 2 - put a good lather on and didn’t even feel the blade cutting the hairs. It is so smooth! I had a few cuts on day one from old habits, but by Day 2 or 3 it was pretty straightforward. I bought the brush and case (for my business travel). Looking forward to many years of enjoying it. The stainless is super nice!

I also bought the holder which is a nice touch and makes it convenient for storage between shaves.

I've moved from the sensitive setting to the comfortable. Probably will go close at some point, but honestly, the comfortable is about what I was getting with the typical razors/blades on the market.

Supply Shaving Cream

It is an excellent product. I highly recommend it.

Give it a few shaves and you'll love it

I've shaved with two and three blade mainstream razors for over 20 years and thought that irritation and ingrown hairs were unavoidable. First few shaves were tricky but after the second week of using it I couldn't be happier. Changing the closeness settings could be easier, but given that people like me will only do this once or twice I can't justify knocking off a star. Great experience overall.

Hey EB! Love to hear you are enjoying an irritation-free shave with our Single Edge. Happy is what we want to hear. Let us know if there is ever anything we can do for you!

The Single Edge 2.0
James Traylor
Lived up to expectations

Gave up cartridge and disposable razors years ago and have some really nice DE razors but this single-edge razor is up there with the best. Very smooth and efficent.

Hey James! Love to hear you are enjoying your Single Edge and that it's offering you a smooth and efficient shave. Appreciate you taking the time to leave us your feedback. Let us know if there is ever anything we can do for you!

Close Shave

I like getting a smooth, close shave and this razor is the best I’ve used. Reduced skin irritation from less strokes to cut the hair. Very easy to change blades with perfectly engineered cartridge system. Healing Post Shave spray and Muli-Purpose Moisturizer work well together to keep my skin smooth as well. Very happy with my purchase!

Hey Jamed! Love to hear you are enjoying your shaving experience with our Single Edge. Our grooming gear are all designed to partner well with one another and I'm so thrilled to hear your skin is loving it. Let us know if there is ever anything we can do for you!

Highly Recommended!

I’ve tried several shaving brands and several of their “latest design for comfort” products over the years, but no matter what shaving cream, razor, or aftershave, I always get that post shave itch/ irritation. I’ve also seen different advertisements for different shaving products over the years about how multi blade razors cause post shave irritation, and the only time I get a single blade shave is on occasion with my barber. As result, I’ve wanted to invest in a single blade razor for a while, but have been too scared to try it on my own in fear of just cutting myself, up until I saw an Instagram as for the single edge by Supply, with its sleek design and affordable price, so I figured I’d give it a try. To be honest, I’ve only had my first shave with it so far, it took me a little longer than usual, and I didn’t even follow directions properly, but it was the best shave I’ve ever had on my own. It comes preset at the easiest blade setting to get accustomed to it so the single edge has a guard that keeps you from pushing the blade straight into your face and cutting yourself, while the weight of the single edge guides the shave itself. Although you’re not supposed to apply pressure and just let the weight take over, old habits die hard so some nicks did happen, not to mention I didn’t even follow instructions on how to apply the shaving cream beforehand. However even with all that in consideration, the comfort, quality/ closeness of the shave I got, and most importantly for me, the lack of post shave irritation/ itching made this all worth the investment. So much so, that I hadn’t planned on investing further than just the single edge and some shaving cream, but I had to go back and get more just to get the full experience and to support. Highly recommended.

Hey Steven! Wow - I'm so thrilled to hear you are now enjoying your shaving routine with our gear. Great shaving cream can make a world of difference and I'm so glad to hear you've been experiencing an irritation-free, smooth shave. Please let us know if there is ever anything else we can do for you!

The Single Edge 2.0
Christopher Banaszek
Trying to figure out if you should spent $75-$125 on a razor? The answer is unequivocally YES.

A bit about me: I grow facial hair like a 12 year old boy. I couldn't grow a legitimate beard if you gave me literal years. I shave for one purpose only and that's to get as clean cut as I can.

I've always used either electric or multi blade razors. I started using Harry's at the start of the year and while I really loved their products, the razor itself destroyed my face. I was constantly getting bumps, cuts, nicks, and ingrown hairs. I knew something had to change.

I saw the Supply razor pop up at least once a day on my TikTok feed. I'm a SUCKER for a good Shark Tank product (especially one Robert invested in, whattup Bad Birdie polos!) so I was immediately interested but I was VERY nervous. $75 is a lot to spend on a razor and the move to a single blade seemed VERY intimidating to me.

I noticed the 100 day, no questions asked return policy so thought "what the hell?" and gave it a go.

The packaging itself was amazing - like opening a new phone. Sleek. Professional. Sexy.

The build quality on the razor is excellent. Heavy. Solid. Feels worth every penny I spent.

The shave itself? It's changed how I think about shaving. Hands down the best shaving experience of my life - every single time I use it. I'm a two pass guy, once with the grain, once against it and ohhh man is it a close shave, without any irritation.

My Supply razor genuinely makes me excited to shave. As someone with no ability to grow facial hair, that's something I never thought I'd say.

I haven't tried any of the skin or shaving products outside of the razor (admittedly, given my lack of beard, my needs on this front aren't really worthy of a luxury budget) but if they are made with anywhere near the attention that clearly went into the razor, I'm sure they're excellent.

Intimidated to make the switch? Don't be. Scared to spend the money? Don't be. If you've made it this far, you're considering making this purchase: do it. Stop hesitating. You won't regret it.

Hey Christopher! Wow - loved reading this so much. We wouldn't be able to do what we do without support from customers like yourself. Please let us know if there is ever anything we can do for you!

Marble Shaving Bowl
Colton Dewitt
Great Addition!

So I’m new to the whole single blade shaving game. I purchased the starter kit and decided to get the bowl as well, and I’m glad I did. It’s extremely fun to add my shaving cream to mix in the bowl with the brush. The bowl is great quality and feels amazing. It’s fun to shave now!

Hey Colton! Love to see you are enjoying your Marble Bowl so much. It really is a fun addition to your gear. Let us know if there is ever anything we can do for you!

The Single Edge 2.0
Clothilde Sypinski
Solid Razor!

I was a bit hesitant to pull the trigger on the 2.0 but I'm so glad I did. I've been a DE shaver for the past 8 years and could never rely solelyon cartridge razors ever again. I always knew about injector razors but thought "why bother" until I read about this razor. I instantly fell in love with the aesthetics of it and had to try it out. I went with the classic Matt and after only one excellent shave with the comfortable plate I just had to purchase the stainless version too! It may become my new Daily driver from now on.

Shave Accessories Set
Paul Avallone
Shave accessories

I purchased the shaving cream, post shave in the Coastal scent. I also purchased the shaving brush The quality is very excellent! The shaving cream only requires a small amount and really lathers up well, and prepares the face & beard nicely for the shave. The brush is of very nice quality and does a excellent job. My wife thought it was a real boar's hair brush and was surprised when I told her it was synthetic. She also likes the Coastal scent a lot. The post save spray is great, really soothing and conditioning to my face after the shave. I also have the face wash product, it does a good job of getting the face & beard prepped for the shave. So far I've been really enjoying all these products and would highly recommend them!

Hey Paul! Thrilled to hear you are enjoying your Shave Accessories Set so much. Coastal is my favorite too. Let us know if there is ever anything we can do for you!

First timer here and liking the close shave.

New to using single edge shaving; there is some learning curve but it isn’t too hard. The shaver has an excellent weight to it and the quality of the finish on each of the components is very nice. I went with the jet black finish. This is well made and I’m enjoying the shave.

Hey Mark! Love to hear you are enjoying your shaves. I'm glad to hear you were able to get past the initial learning curve. Let us know if you ever run into any questions!

Arrived before I did

I recently moved across country and wasn’t sure if I should cancel my order with Supply to ensure it would arrive at my temporary address, but it got here! Thanks!

Hey Per! Thrilled to hear you received your order, our warehouse does a great job of getting orders out the door ASAP for our customers. Let us know if there is ever anything we can do for you!

The Single Edge 2.0
Anthony Davis
Awesome Razor, Takes Time To Get Used To It

When you are so used to crappy three blade razors, you don’t know what to do with a good quality one. At first, I had bad irritation, missed some spots, and overall second guessed this purchase. But after following the advise and learning to actually use it, I’ll never not have this razor. It’s so easy, thorough, and clean. Thank you Supply!!

Hey Anthony! I'm so glad to hear you stuck with it and now are never going back. It does have a learning curve for those who have never used a handle like ours but once you've pushed past that, it absolutely gives you that easy, thorough shave. Let us know if there is ever anything we can do for you!

Love love love

Can’t say enough about the quality and price of these blades and the Supply company. Great value. High quality. Helps keep my beard neat and trimmed right.

Love love love to hear that Rob! I'm thrilled that you've been enjoying your blades so much. We don't cut corners when it comes to quality and I'm always glad to hear customers speak on that. Let us know if there is ever anything we can do for you!

xThe Tokyo Collection
Hank Pearson
Shaving Beauty

Love the razor! Shaves better than I expected. The Bronze color is stunning and looks great on my razor & brush holder.

Hey Hank! Love to hear you are enjoying your Single Edge so much - not only the shaves but the color as well. Let us know if there is ever anything we can do for you!

Healing Post Shave
Vincent Garruba

I like the misting sprayer hate dumping in my hand and coastal scent is great and very soothing

Hey Vincent! I love to see that you are enjoying your Healing Post Shave - I don't much care for dumping products on my hands either. Let us know if there is ever anything we can do for you!

xThe Tokyo Collection
Marky Grasso
Greatest Razor of All Time

I absolutely love to shave now because of the Supply razor. I have made it a little routine of mine and I thoroughly enjoy the shave as I take my time with it. I bought the marble set along with the razor stand and it really brings it all together. I haven’t always liked shaving due to the razor bumps I would get with a multi-blade razor. Because of Supply, though, I have really learned a lot about shaving and I love it now. If you’re thinking about it, just buy it…you won’t regret it. You truly get what you pay for and it is worth every dollar I paid. Cheers!!

Hey Marky! Love to hear you are enjoying your Supply gear so much. We love reading reviews like this and I'm thrilled that you are now thoroughly enjoying your shaving routine. Let us know if there is ever anything we can do for you!

Love it!

So smooth, smells great!

Hey Sancho! Wow - love to hear you are enjoying our Ultra Lather Shaving Cream so much. Let us know if there is ever anything we can do for you!

White Label Blades
Steven Ruiz
Best shave EVER!

This product changed my skin! Shaving my head with multiple blades razors made the ingrown hair issue atrocious with inevitable scars! Since switching to supply, NO ingrown hairs and every product I have used is unsurpassed in quality. The absolute best!

Hey Steven! Love to hear that our Single Edge has helped so much with your ingrown hair issue. I'm thrilled that you've been enjoying your gear and that it's changed the look and feel of your skin. Let us know if there is ever anything we can help with!

Finally, a simple, very nice, and great alternative to my gillete razors!

For over 20 years, I have used Gillette or other classic brand razors and cartridges. I frequently used the multi-blade set ups thinking they were better. I laughed at myself as I saw parodies over the years of 27-blade options and the like! Finally, there is a greater alternative with a single blade that is way sharper than the others I was used to. And refills will be much cheaper in the long run, lowering my overall shaving TCO! :-) I have been very happily pleased with this purchase. A great quality product.

Hey Alessandro! Love to hear you are enjoying your Single Edge so much and that you've seen the difference it makes when compared to multi-blade razors. 'Greater Alternative' is the best way to describe the Single Edge!

Really almost a necessity

I have no idea where I would put my supply razor without this thing. It does a great job of displaying your razor in a great minimalist functional way.

Hey Jay! I'm thrilled to see you are enjoying that custom razor stand. It absolutely has a minimalistic functionality and does a great job displaying the Single Edge. Thanks for being part of our Supply family!

New way to shave

So far I’ve been very impressed especially with the personalize CEO instructions on how to use the razor I’m still debating if it’s cheaper or not than buying the Gillette ones at the store but so far I really like

Hey Paul! I'm thrilled to hear you are enjoying your Single Edge. It may cost more upfront but you really do end up saving over time. No more expensive cartridges and less than $30 for a full year's worth of blades!

Honest ingredients

Great product, high quality, not cheaply made. No water in the ingredients.

Hey Josh! I'm thrilled to see you are enjoying our Age Defensive Eye Cream. We've worked have to get those ingredients just right and I love to see that you are enjoying it. Never hesitate to reach out!