The Single Edge Origin Story

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"Where did you come up with this idea?" "Why design a razor?" We get asked these questions ALL the time. In the past we've shared why a single blade is better, but we've never given the back story to where it all began. Let's dive in.

It all started back in 2013 when we visited some of our best friends, Brian and Natalie in San Diego. Patrick had just finished his MBA in strategy and entrepreneurship and was itching to start a business of his own. At many points over the weekend, Brian and Patrick shared their personal disdain for their current shave routine and the absence of quality, online options for men's grooming. By the end of our weekend together, an idea was born - a razor review website. Up until that point, there was no place online to compare reviews of multiple razors and their pricing. Enter Razorpedia.


When Brian and Patrick started building the website, their first need was razor reviews - and lots of them. So, the boxes began to arrive for all kinds of razors to test: two blades, five blades, straight, double edge, twin blade, you name it. They all promised the best shave of your life. Some were, by far, better than others. Ahem - no need for a spinning neon light. 

In just 18 months, Razorpedia grew and became the number two search result on Google for razor reviews - a SEO feat we're still amazed by to this day. As Patrick continued to research more razors, one day he came across a vintage Schick injector razor. One shave told him all he needed to know. It was the best shave he had ever had - hands down. But, there was one problem. There was no where to buy a brand new modern version of this razor. He had purchased one from a loyal wetshaver over eBay. You see - all the big razor companies quit manufacturing injector style razors due to the much more profitable, five-blade cartridge razors back in the 80's and 90's. And this is the moment the idea of Supply and the Single Edge was born.Tons of Research

Patrick started putting his engineering degree to good use and with the help of CAD software and 3D printing, started developing the beginning prototypes of the Single Edge. Working every night and most weekends while also working a full-time aerospace job, he created iteration after iteration of the razor - continuing to research and analyze what it takes for a razor to give a fantastic shave. He tested countless angles, shaved with way too many prototypes, and altered design files by millimeters to optimize his results.

On a sidenote, Patrick and Brian both agreed it was the right time to sell Razorpedia. Patrick needed as much time to focus on building the Single Edge. And so - one business was sold with the hope of building a new one.

The prototypes

In the spring of 2015, we had our first breakthrough. A razor that actually gave an excellent shave comparable or even better than the first injector shave. Now came the challenge: building an actual, sellable product and business.

By August 2015, we launched our first Kickstarter campaign for the Single Edge razor. We needed all the help we could get funding our first purchase order (side note: prototyping is not cheap) and making our dream of Supply a reality. Our campaign ended, we had the funds, and it was official: our startup journey began. 

If you've been following along for awhile, you know our journey has been anything but sunshine and rainbows since then, but we wouldn't have it any other way. (See: My First Kickstarter was a Personal Nighmare) Whatever obstacle came our way in the following years, we have faced it, tried to honor God and our company's vision with how we worked through it, and kept moving forward.

The birth of a modern injector

When we started dreaming up our vision for Supply, our desire was to build a brand that tells a different narrative from other men's lifestyle brands. Very few brands take the idea of what it means to be a man seriously - instead throwing out sex, alcohol, and provocative women as a way of enticing men to purchase their products. 

We believe men are intelligent and care about the products they use and the brands they support. We designed the Single Edge to be both beautiful and practical, heirloom and efficient, and to solve the every day problems of razor burn and irritation for every man out there. And so, Supply was born.