Just How Durable is the Single Edge?

When we say our products last forever - we mean it. I know, many companies make bold claims like this all the time until it loses it's meaning and believability. But, if you were a fly on the wall at Supply HQ as we develop new products, you would see relentless research into materials, ergonomics, and durability. We 100% believe our products are made with the best materials on the planet.

Our Single Edge is constructed out of solid metal. It's definitely the more expensive route when manufacturing razors, but in all honesty, the difference shows, especially through this short customer story below.

Meet Andy's Single Edge razor. A few weeks ago, as we were scrolling through our Instagram, we noticed a photo tag by a customer (Andy) with the picture above. We couldn't believe our eyes and had to know what had happened to Andy's razor. What we found was a story unlike any other we've encountered since we've been a business.

You see, Andy lives in California, where they have been battling wildfires off and on over the past few years. Unfortunately, Andy lost his home as well as his kitties in one of these tragic wildfires late last fall.

You can see the devastating damage the fires had on his home and can only imagine what it must have felt like sifting through piles, trying to salvage any memory, item, or memento you can find. 

As Andy was going through the aftermath, he found his Single Edge razor in the wreckage, took a photo, and shared it with us. He claimed he had a "new and improved" version of his razor and jokingly mentioned this thing was "built to last". As a man who had lost every comfort of home and beloved pets, he found optimism and joking rather than despair as a way to cope.

We were so moved by his story and optimism in making light out of a truly terrible situation. We shipped him a replacement Single Edge immediately. We know the last thing he needed to worry about was his morning shave, and we were even more excited to be able to restore some sort of normalcy to his day.

We would never wish Andy's story on anyone. However, through hardships like the California wildfires, we get a glimpse of the goodness in humanity. In men, like Andy, who show us there is strength in facing opposition with optimism, resilience, and gratitude. I know we're grateful for his example - and that we can be a part of his daily shave.