The Field Notes Issue #1 : I Quit

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Seriously. And I'm really excited to tell you about it.

I started Supply with one focus - to create the world's greatest everyday gear brand. Our aim was (and still is) to completely re-think, re-design, and re-create all of the essential gear that you depend on throughout your entire day. 

We started at the very beginning of your day - creating grooming gear that performs flawlessly and displays handsomely. And we have exciting plans to expand our products even further.

When we launched The Single Edge razor on Kickstarter last year, my (smokin' hot) business partner and I were working late nights and weekends out of a spare bedroom in our house. We were an overnight success on Kickstarter, raising almost $80,000 during our 30 day campaign. To say we were humbled would be a huge understatement.

At the time we launched our campaign, Jennifer and I were both working day jobs - mine at a large defense contractor, and hers as a school teacher. As much as we wanted to devote our full time and effort to the business, bills still have a way of piling up - regardless of your Kickstarter's success. And although $80K is a lot of money, it can disappear very, very quickly.

Some of you know we were working multiple jobs - many of you don't. We've always been committed to ridiculously high quality, insane attention to detail, and killer customer support. So if we were doing our jobs right, you wouldn't have noticed or cared how many jobs we were working. 

Along this journey, our goal has been to build up a stable business, reliable supply chain, and loyal customers so that one day we could make the leap from the corporate world to full time entrepreneurship.

That day is today. 

Today is the day I gave my two-weeks notice at my day job. It was a big day for me. Personally, professionally, emotionally. And it was a very, very good day.

Here's the point of it all. The Supply Newsletter is going to take an entirely new direction this year, and it's almost impossible to describe how excited I am about it. 

I've done the math, and I figure that I have a year's worth of "runway" to crank this business up from a successful side business to a no kidding full-fledged startup. One year. To make it - or break it. To build something big, or to watch it all go down in flames. And yes, both scenarios are very much possible.

And here's the fun part - I'm going to be taking you along for the ride. 

Once a week for the next 52 weeks, I'm going to be sending you exclusive behind-the-scenes insights into our successes and failures on the path to startup glory (or startup doom). We'll be sending you stories of our triumphs - and stories of our embarrassments. The good stories, and the not so good. The ones we're proud of, and the ones we're not so proud of.

No scripts, no rules. 

That's it. As a member of our mailing list, you can expect weekly deliveries right into your inbox. We hope you'll enjoy them as much as we enjoy writing them. And please send us your comments and emails - we absolutely love hearing from you.

Here's to new beginnings.





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