How Much Do You Really Save With The Single Edge?


"$59 for a razor?" It's a FAQ we get often, and something the internet trolls love to harp on. So, let's break it down. Why should you shell out $59 for a razor?

The Single Edge may be a bigger investment upfront, but costs a fraction of the price over time. While the cheap cost of big razor companies' plastic handles usually entice impulse purchasers, what you don't realize is the massive expense refills will cost over the coming years. 

So, what makes the Single Edge a better investment? Sure it's a $59 upfront cost, but replacement blades only cost $8 for a three month supply. Do the quick math, and it'll cost you around $30 a year going forward for shaving. That's close to the cost that most multi-blade razor users pay every 2 months.

Also, when you buy an all metal, sustainable razor handle that's guaranteed for life, you're helping reduce the impact that plastic cartridge razors have on landfills. Better shave. Better on your wallet. Better for the environment.

So, where's the proof? It's in the numbers.

We could keep going, but in just two years, you're already saving. Think about the savings after ten? 

Still on the fence? Check out our 100 Day Trial Period. Try it. Live with it and see if you love it for up to 100 days. If you're not completely convinced, send it back for a full, hassle-free refund.

Stop scrolling. Start saving. Let's do this.

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