How do I create a rich, foamy lather using the Marble Shave Bowl?

Take about a finger scoop of shaving cream and run it under some warm water. Next, smear the cream into the bottom of the bowl, breaking down it's texture and softening it Then, grab your brush, run it under some warm water and give it a shake for the excess water to drip out. Finally, using circular motions, use the brush to whip up a rich lather and apply to the areas that will be shaved.

Use circular motions on your face, as well. Be generous with time, if possible because the longer you use the brush, aim for a minute or two, the softer your hairs will get, the more dead skin you'll exfoliate, the more your skin will be prepared for a shave.

And if you're really looking for a hot and relaxing barber-type shave, fill your bowl with hot water for a few minutes to heat up the bowl. Dump it out, and start creating your lather -- you'll feel the difference.