Counting Down the Best of 2016

We're hitting pause today and taking a moment to reflect on what an incredible year 2016 was here at Supply. As the craziness of Christmas wraps up and the year end draws near, we are more aware of how far we have come and how much we truly have to be thankful for. As we look forward to all the exciting things we have in store for 2017, we wanted to take a second to countdown all the high points of this past year.

The Single Edge in stock

[5]  Completed our first Kickstarter campaign and consistently delivered above our commitments to our backers. We upgraded every product's quality, aesthetic, and volume for our backers at no added charge.

Shave Accessories made in Texas

[4]  Delivered the Single Edge to 27 countries around the world! That's 400+ pounds of solid stainless steel sent to every continent on the planet (except Antarctica).

Supply shipments on their way

[3] Created the world's only modern stainless steel injector razor, resurrecting a vintage design that dates back to World War I.

The Single Edge[2]  Created the world's most affordable stainless steel single edge razor. Full retail price is $75 - all other offerings on the market are two to three times more expensive!

Tallow Shave Soap

[1] By far the best part of 2016 was reading all of the amazing feedback we have received from our customers. Just a few of our favorites:


"It's so good, I really don't want to shave with anything else." - Bill

"Third shave with my Single Edge, and it was a dream. I do not think I will have to buy another razor in my lifetime. Well done gentlemen!" - Tim

"I've really been enjoying The Single Edge razor! After a short learning curve, I'm getting my most consistent, close shaves ever. I now actually look forward to shaving!" - Eddie


The Single Edge

We founded Supply with an adventurous spirit and unconventional ideal: to offer impeccably designed everyday essentials that consistently work harder and last longer than anyone asks them to. In 2017, we look forward to unearthing exciting new adventures and continuing to earn the privilege of having you as a customer.

Cheers to the new year - may it be the best yet.