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Things have been pretty crazy around Supply HQ lately. Over the past two months, we've shipped over 3,000 orders from a successful Kickstarter campaign, hired (and then fired) a local fulfillment warehouse (more on that in a future issue), visited some local destinations for retail pop-ups, and... oh, Jennifer is 8 months pregnant with our next addition to the team. 

All that to say, we've been a bit... absent from our weekly publishing of the Field Notes. But we're back today and better than ever. This issue is jam packed full of updates that will kick your Thursday morning into gear. Let's start from the top:


The Single Edge 2.0 is in Stock!

In Stock Now // The Single Edge 2.0

Gasp! It's here. Finally. We wrapped up all of our Kickstarter shipments and preorders last week and have placed the Single Edge 2.0 in stock on our website. That's right - it ships today! 

The feedback from Kickstarter backers has been incredible. Here are a few of the high points:

"With this high quality razor from this company, I feel like I made the right investment in the future of my shaving. No razor bumps after 2 weeks in. I love it!" 

"What an absolutely first class product. I have tried the lot: plastic, (good riddance) DE, Feather Pro-inspired Single Edge, and the Supply Single Edge ranks amongst the very best if not being the very best."

"The last razor you'll ever buy - except as gifts for everyone you know."

We have three finishes currently available: Stainless Matte, Mirror Polish and Matte Black. Go snag one while you can. Or treat yo'self with an upgrade to the Starter Set.

(Want to know a secret before you buy? Write a review for any product you've previously purchased from our website, and you'll be automatically sent a 15% off coupon code for your next purchase. That's the largest discount we've ever offered - and only available for a limited time.) 

Supply Website: New & Improved // New & Improved

Over the past month, we’ve completely overhauled our website. Why? Well, the old one was lacking in a lot of areas. It didn't fully tell our company’s story and introduce our products to those who haven't been following along since the beginning. So, we made a serious upgrade.

Our hope is that our new format is more user-friendly, responsive, easier to navigate, and aesthetically pleasing. Most importantly - we think it shares our story a little more effectively. Check it out and let us know any thoughts or feedback you might have. We would seriously love to hear.


100 Day Trial, 100 Year Guarantee

100 Day Trial // 100 Year Warranty

We started Supply with a simple (but unconventional) ideal: to design and create products that work harder, last longer, and perform better than anyone asks them to. So it was natural that we crafted a return policy and warranty to reflect that ideal. We gave you 90 days to try our products risk-free, and a lifetime warranty to back them up.

Today, we're cranking it up a notch. We're upgrading our return window to 100 days - and our warranty to 100 years 

Why? Well, to be honest - mostly because it sounds cooler. But more importantly, because it gets our point across more clearly. Which is this: either you love our products, or we'll make it right. 100 days. 100 years. Simple.


Christmas is Coming

Free US Shipping & Returns through Christmas

At the Coddou house, we fully celebrate Halloween and Thanksgiving before a word of Christmas is even mentioned. BUT - we know you're out there: the people who feel the first chill in the air and immediately start playing Harry Connick Jr’s Christmas album.

No judgment here. However, if you are already in the middle of making your Christmas shopping list, don’t forget to #givesupply. Over the next few months, we will be rolling out some exciting new products to our line. And on top of that, today through Christmas we will be offering free domestic shipping and returns with no minimum amount per order. 

Why is this good news? We usually only offer free domestic shipping on orders greater than $50. Now through the end of the year, you can order many of our under $50 items with no additional shipping charge. Need some stocking stuffer ideas? Try our Ultra Lather Shaving Cream or Healing Post Shave. Want to treat yourself to a warm lather shave? Snag our White Marble Shaving Bowl. Just need an extra pack of blades? You get the idea. Just our way of saying thank you for all of your support this year.

Shipping Orders

Weekly No More

Back in January when we first launched our Field Notes series, we had no idea what type of commitment a weekly e-mail would be on top of the workload that comes with running a startup. Over the last couple of months, we have been stretched VERY thin - completing all of the tasks with just the two of us.

So, going forward, we will be sending out bi-monthly Field Notes e-mails (instead of weekly). They will still be full of all of our successes and failures in our business (we've had a few lately!) as well as everything in between. Also - as a subscriber, you will receive exclusive access when we launch new products. Think more bathroom products, razor stands, travel cases... hint, hint. Get ready - they're coming, people. 

Thanks again for being a part of the Supply family. We are so grateful for each of you.

Until Next Week,

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