A Note from the Founders


Last week, Jennifer and I took our first “real" vacation away from work in over three years. No laptops (mostly), and no phones. My phone actually went for a swim halfway through the vacation - so much for iPhones being waterproof.

The curse of the entrepreneur is that you never really stop thinking about work. So instead of working, we spent a lot of time reflecting on the past year. And one word consistently came to mind:


We say it a lot, but we are unbelievably thankful for our community's support last year (and for all the years prior, while we're at it). Without you, we would be nothing.

We truly believe that - to our core.

What was once just a dream of mine is now becoming a very real business. Here is a quick glimpse into how things turned out in 2018:

  • 8X growth in online sales vs. 2017
  • 4X growth in company size vs. 2017
  • 1000+ 5 Star customer reviews

And this year, we're dedicated to growing even more. But to be entirely honest, I'm only interested in smart growth. Growth that doesn't sacrifice our relationship with you.

That said, I wanted to share my commitment to you in 2019 (yes, my resolutions are a little late):

  • Continue to develop exciting new products that solve real problems.
  • Roll out an exciting new program to offer hope, confidence, and amazing shaves to men that need it the most.
  • Feature a lot more of the friends and things that inspire us everyday - in the hopes of inspiring you too.

I'm excited for what's ahead. And I really hope you are too.

Patrick Coddou

(P.S. - Jennifer, Madeleine, and Tucker say hello too.)